Love and Personal Legend

18 01 2008

(Paulo Coelho Blog)

Life, love, personal legend should be contained within each and everyone of us. The way we live and love should ultimately help us fulfill our personal legend in our lifetime, it is the only way to attain peace within. Whenever we depart or renounce our personal legend our existence becomes unbearable, we might manage to distract ourselves with all kinds of work, people and situations but eventually it calls our attention.

Love should never prevent us from fulfilling our personal legend, only we decide to let that happen, if we dare do so we give way to a life accompanied by pain and discontent. According to my understanding of personal legend it gives us the necessary balance within in order to accomplish our mission in life, by ignoring or renouncing it we alter an integral part of our well-being. Many health problems are caused by this unbalanced or persistance to continue on a path that will never help us fulfill our personal legend.

Love should not be something conditional to a long list of requirements and expectations. It’s not something you initiate but that springs forth from the heart voluntarily, is not part of a plan or goal in anyone’s life, it just is. Whenever we think of love as something that should be part of our life instead of something that should manifest itself in our life we run the risk to make big mistakes. Love is like water, you see it running in the rivers and moving in the oceans nourishing life and beauty but the moment you try to contain it and get control of it you need to artificially purify it, treat it and maintain it in order to enjoy it. The moment you stop doing those things the water get stagnant and become as good as poison. Love should be something you are opened to in your life but that you never chase, try to control or create on your own.

Think twice when you find yourself deciding between love and your personal legend, if you are in that situation chances are you are deciding something you should not at all.



4 responses

18 01 2008

…El amor lo primero: es la base desde la que empezar, desde donde construir. Siempre estamos empezando… SALUDO:

19 01 2008
Tony H

You finally went and did it nena. You completely lost me. I havent the foggiest idea what this post is about. I’m willing to concede it’s my own obtuseness at work.

19 01 2008

Tony, perhaps I should have explained what a Personal Legend is, the term was developed by Paulo Coelho and you can learn more if you read his book “The Alchemist” but for a quick explanation read this document:

27 06 2008

Thanks so much. I agree completely…Paolo Coelho has been an inspiration to me and will continue to be. He made me see life and love in completely new aspects.

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