Words about Confidence

16 01 2008

There is nothing wrong with knowing where we stand and what we stand for. Letting others know who we are and what we want is one of the most important things we can do for our well-being. I can look back and see the time I sold myself short for fear of not getting everything I wanted, other times it was an “all or nothing” deal. It’s hard to know for sure if what I did was right or wrong, all I know is that it’s done and that shaped the way my life is right now. All I can do now is pay close attention on how I manage my decision making as I stride to make changes in my life as part of the overall growth that needs to take place in me.

I need to have a picture of the ultimate result I’m looking for and find the right pieces on my puzzle. Sometimes it’s obvious the picture I had wants to turn into something I didn’t intend but that somehow evolved with time, it’s a matter of deciding if I want to keep the new picture or continue with the original one instead. Something I’ve learned by working with others is that my initial goals sometimes need to change a little in order to accomodate them but never to the extent to forget about myself. It’s a matter of finding a balance which will satisfy those involved.

Confidence attracts while insecurity repels. To me confidence comes with a clear intention vivid in our mind, the ability to reflect it upon others and the strength to defend it. It’s the ability to let others into your life without losing yourself in them. It’s being satisfied with who you are without being arrogant. It’s not being fearful to take up the reins once more and direct yourself where you intended right from the beginning before everything tried to take their own course.

Feel free to comment or add to anything I said here, it is what makes blogs interesting and I want to know what you think.