Ways of Communication

12 01 2008

There are many ways to communicate today compared to fifty or sixty years ago. Not that I’ve lived long enough to have experienced what we had back then, but I’ve read about the challenges of those days to communicate compared to today’s communication connecting more people in the shortest amount of time possible. This can be good and bad.

I enjoy writing as a way to communicate, it enables me to take time to sit down and put on paper my thoughts and intentions, it’s tangible. It’s something you can read over and over again, it can be treasured.

The phone is another way of communication I utilize but not as frequently; I use it mainly for business purposes or for personal calls that need immediate attention.

E-mail is yet another way to communicate which I also utilize for business and to send a written message I need deliver right away. I don’t waste much time on chain letters. I like to receive personal messages instead of forwarded messages even though some of them are beautiful.

Visits and get togethers are the ones I enjoy the most, all your senses get involved on this one and you can feel the warmth of those who interact in a given place. I wish I could visit more frequently but time and distance sometimes prevents it. I need to make a big effort to create time to make it happen on a regular basis.

The way we communicate and with whom has a lot to do with the level of comfort we feel with each other. Some people attract more sincere conversations than others just because they are not uptight and judgemental about every little thing you say. Others keep you at bay because they are shut down inside from the rest of the world. Others seem to be opened but try to analyze you or get to know you but it’s only to attack you, to find faults and flaws. While you are talking to them they are trying to figure out “your intentions” according to their own preceptions disregarding yours. Those, I’m afraid to say, don’t get much communication with others either, specially from me.



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12 01 2008
Jose' Antonio Orellana Artolozaga

I’ve always admired the assertive form of conveying thoughts and emotions; although, it should be noted that any form of communication to be effective requires the essence of tact and persuasiveness. Perhaps this is the sustenance of true civility for without empathy nothing but confusion is materialized.

13 01 2008

Sometimes I feel as if I were Helen Keller, groping around in the dark with a teacher who doesn’t understand me and simply wants me to learn her way of communication. I desire to touch my hands to another’s face, to reach the physical soul and be understood. If I could roll myself into another man’s heart and consume his emotion, his desire, his dreams, to truly understand what it is to be him or her, I would feel as if I had completely communicated. Technology kills communication, it removes the soul, replaced by an avatar, a voice message, a memo, a fax. I do not hear a heart beat or feel a tender touch as I hit the return key on my keyboard.~cm

14 07 2009

To tell you the truth I am what you say in your last paragraph -uptight and judgmental, sometimes shut down inside from the rest of the world. I also try to analyze and get to know about people – BUT NOT TO ATTACK. Only to differ because I really differ – to my disadvantage. Like you say according to my own perceptions . But the truths I speak of come from hard experience and not loose opinions. I can be hard with my own thoughts. But deep down I agree cm. You need that personal touch. Technology is just a push button.

28 09 2010

tu qe! amo a toniick

28 09 2010

si tuu mnzoo antonio lozano castillo alguien t kiere alguien te piensa constantemente y tu no sabes quien soy yo !!!! i lovee youu tonii

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