10 01 2008

“A thing long expected takes the form of the unexpected when at last it comes.” — Mark Twain
Expect – v. look for, anticipate, regard as likely to occur; suppose

I don’t like to speculate, assume or suppose what’s going to happen in the future, every time I do I run the risk to be disappointed. I take each day as it comes and welcome the little or big blessings along with the trials, it means that I’m still alive. There was a time when I tried to know everything before I made a decision, now I know I won’t always know it all. I need to follow my instinct.

I believe expectation involves emotions while instinct involves our senses, something innate in us. It takes time to learn to decipher what our instinct is trying to tell us from what our own personal fears makes us feel or think. Fear paralyses us to the point that sometimes we stop living our life.



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