New Year Resolutions

6 01 2008

What good are they, really? How many times have you propose yourself to do something but never did it? How many of your last year’s resolutions became a reality?

Last year I had a few resolutions but life threw me a curve preventing me from accomplishing most of them. I chose the most important and with God’s help I accomplished them the best I could. Since I don’t think I have all the time in the world to get my resolutions done I’m taking it slow this year. I’m getting a feel for what is going on around me and those I love; everything will have to flow out of that.

My work is what keeps me sane; my writing and marketing. I will add at least two more activities on my agenda in order to continue growing in my writing career but I want to be careful not to upset the balance I’ve created so far. I tend to get so creative and want to do so much that sometimes I’m overwhelmed.

New year resolutions are good to lay out a map of where we want to be after a certain amount of time. I personally don’t want to feel pressured to finish if life kind of gets on the way. Prioritizing resolutions come in handy in this regard. When you are in the situation that you realize you’ll need more time to make your resolution a reality you can move it down the list and concentrate on what’s achievable instead. We tend to think that we can do a lot when in reality there is only a few things we can do if we want to do them right. Most of the time it’s because we underestimate the amount of work and time it will take to make a resolution a reality, we just need to be flexible and don’t get discouraged.

I like to choose a maximum of 5 things I would like to accomplish in a new year and most of the time I only accomplish about 3, the other 2 are somewhere in progress. As long as I’m moving forward and accomplishing some of my goals I’m satisfied.



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