5 01 2008

We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance.” Harrison Ford

Change, like anything in life, is hard to predict and to adjust to. Changes can be voluntary or unvoluntary. Anything that is alive grows and evolves experience a certain amount of change along its existence. Our world is in a constant state of change; birth, renewal, transformation and death. We encounter moments in our life when we need to decide which way to go. It’s familiar territory sometimes and others a whole new one where we need to utilize our instincts and experience in order to survive and succeed.

This year I was faced with many changes in my life and I know there is way more to come. I need to be intune to the core of my being in order to tap into the compass that will ultimately guide me to my goal or purpose. I know I will come up to many crossroads and that in order to reach my destination I need to continue, press on, fight for what I want and need.

So what are those second chances? Is it a clarity of intention or self, unknown to us before a certain time in our life? Or is it a sudden vision on the mirror of our soul’s reflection starring back at us? I think is wonderful to be given a second chance to recreate our life in order to propel us to our destiny.



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6 01 2008

My life has been broken into many pieces among many crossroads in my life. Things I always wanted to accomplish only to find my self staring in the mirror of no direction, no return.

Things I was not able to do….Why fight the system of our higher powers intentions of what he has always wanted us to do. This is his way of refining us and guiding us into the direction he wants us to go. (Change) “Second Chances”

Yes I’m sure there will be more crossroads and changes in my life. We can not go back and take up what we have missed, but we can pick up the broken pieces of mirror that sit in front of us along the crossroads of life putting it back together, moving forward looking at the reflection of were we have been and see whats important, grasping hold of what life has to share with all of us making the best of change.

Liking ourselves so we ourselves can become our souls best friend.

“Second Chances”

Broken pieces of life
where we use to hide
lying down around our feet
Picking up the reflections
Of our past

Upside down
Not remembering how
Life got us this far

Putting back together
The reflection of broken mirrors
Showing us the crossroads
We’ve passed in life

A second chance, seeing where we’ve been
A second chance, to move forward
Etching in our minds the importance
Of life, we missed

A new person, we become
Liking the person we see
Shining back upon you
A reflection of a new soul

Arthur henn

18 01 2008
Jason P.

Read your response to the prior post. And yes, it is a difficult to get out from under those masks.

I hope you’ll will garner the “kaizens” in this year.

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