24 12 2007


Waiting can be one of the most difficult things we have to do in our life. Just like when Jesus was born, the people today are awaiting a savior, a better day, a loved one, a healing, a call, a letter, a visit. I know that in my own life I can grow impatient when I really want something. I long to go, to see, to feel. It’s human nature I suppose.

I know today many will be happy but perhaps many others will be sad. Those who are far away from their families, those who are sick and lonely, those who doesn’t even know God exists. I hope this is a happy day for you but if it’s not, just know that you are not alone. Whatever your trials are, know that you are never out of God’s hands; he wants to be with you, console and give you the strength you need to go on. I feel alone sometimes during trials but I noticed that it’s when I’m focusing on me and my feelings forgetting to look outside myself and unto others. When I lift my eyes and concerns from me, I see the goodness around me in the people who surrounds me and share this wonderful world with me. When I’m concerned about others instead of me, I find solutions to my own situations and hope in a new day.

May the awaiting time for whatever it is your are waiting for is not too long and may you rejoice today as you are reminded of the greatest blessing of all, Jesus.

Merry Christmas!