A Christmas Wish

23 12 2007

We are just hours away from celebrating one of the most important days for Christians. It is a time to remember and reflect on the awesome gift God gave to us in Jesus. What amazes me the most of all about this big event is that God was so in love with us that he was willing to become one of us in order to reach out to us. His love is so perfect and complete that we should not need anything else. We are called to love like he did but the more I see his love the more I realize how short I come up in matching his goodness. It is only by yielding to him and letting him use me as a channel when the most pure love come forth from me to others. My gift and channel is my writing, with it I’m reaching out and bringing forth from the depths of my soul not only what I feel but what he wants to communicate to me. Sometimes I’m lost in darkness and desolation, others I’m beaming with light and understanding. There are peaks and valleys, there is rain and sunshine, there is laugh and cries. It’s the complexity of our nature and one that I hope anyone can relate to.

This morning as I write this to you, the silence feels my senses and the words flow with ease. I feel tranquil and almost like I’m not here but floating about myself, it’s prayer. I think of you and wish that you experience the same peace and tranquility I’m feeling right now and that you get to be embraced by infinite love. Love is what we search and long for all the days of our life, without it we live an useless existence.

My wish this Christmas is that I get to understand the mystery of love. As I look into his eyes I hope that, what feels like my never ending journey, guide me to where I’m supposed to be.



One response

23 12 2007


You are love, you are prayer
You are sun rays
Shining through each drop of rain

God has embraced you with his love
Keeping his hand on you
You are an instrument of harmony
That “Angels” fly with

They are there with you
Holding you up with there wings
Taking you into flight
Gathering information of love
inspiration to share with all of us
through your writing.

You have made a difference!

Thank You!


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