Reading Between the Lines

21 12 2007

One of the best things a writer experiences is listening to what their readers have to say about their writing, sometimes it is what’s between the lines what impress them the most. I’m surprised when someone can clearly do so and extract the sentiment in which the words came out to the surface. Words are a true channel for us to connect to another soul, is transcendent and lasting sometimes able to help others make decisions or changes in their life.

When I write it’s not my intention to make anyone do anything. To me is my way to bring from within what yearns to come out to the surface in my own life. It’s a chance to evaluate, to know and to grow as a human being. I try to understand myself, my life, my purpose on this planet and while doing so share the journey with whoever wants to come along. I love to be around family and friends but at the same time I treasure the time I use to read, reflect and then write.

Lately I’ve been reflecting on life and the shortness of it, maybe because I’m watching the two people I love the most deteriorate before my eyes without being able to do a thing about it. So I look at my life and -uncertained of how much longer I may have- sometimes I get anxious. When I’m gone only my words and the impression of those who have known me will be left, good or bad.

So to all my readers, especially those who take the time to let me know what my words mean to them, thank you. It’s the interaction on places like these where ideas continue to grow within and I look forward to share even more as time goes by.



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21 12 2007
Diana Raab

I’m sorry you are watching two loved ones deteriortate. It’s never easy, but this is a particularly difficult time of year to watch this. Tomorrow is the 17th anniversary of my father’s death and although I’ve learned to live with it, truly the pain never goes away.

It would be a good idea for you to journal your feelings and having a blog is one way to do this. I am a journaling advocate and teach journaling. You might also be interested in reading my new memoir, Regina’s Closet: Finding My Grandmother’s Secret Journal (Sept 2007) available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It’s the tragic story of losing my grandmother, a fast read.

By the way, I read who your favorite authors are and many are also mine!
Wishing you a good holiday and better days ahead.

21 12 2007

Thanks for your comment Diana, I will check your book. I’ve journaling for many years, it’s been slowly replaced by blogging. Enjoy your holidays with your family and friends. Hope to see you around again.

21 12 2007

I believe that writing is also a powerful gift that can be used to reach out to the general public. It is good to see a person accomplishing her dreams as a writer. Younger individuals like me look up to role s like you. I feel sorry for you and the complications you have to endure, however from the way you write i can tell you believe that goodness shall overcome. Keep living the dream and always Fight The Good Fight.

21 12 2007

What a kind comment Challenger, thanks for taking the time to let me know how you felt about this entry. I’m honored by your visit and your appreciation.

22 12 2007

I love photography, picking up the camera and capturing the beauty of a flower, a rose, a small child’s hand in that of one grown old, full of wisdom, A beautiful sunset or sunrise, silhouetted by the shadows of palm trees. Was a way I use to read in between the lines hoping the person viewing the photos would see what my eyes, heart and mind was seeing but with no words involved I never heard the comments I really wanted other than what a beautiful photo and how well my eyes see life trough the lens (A Gift From God) i would tell them.

The mind is a wonderful tool, instrument that God helps us use when we use it the right way!

I came ill to having a seizure (Grand Mal) a year ago this past September losing the sight of taking photos like I use to, but after I gained back my short term memory three months later, I started to write poems.

The poems I write are reflections of what I feel and is the image result put on paper as poetry in motion words for all to read. Writing in a style mostly as romantic writings and this is what I feel I have to express as a true hearted soulful writer of poetry.

Where am I going with this…lol What does reading in between the lines have to do with what I just wrote, Thinking to myself.

What I’m trying to say from my perspective is that my eyes see emotions without words being spoken and I try to read in between the lines if the person is standing in front of me and I’m a hugger, I’m always wanting to hug a person and just be there for comfort.

Not knowing what to say I just keep quiet and listen, or I just get in trouble anyway. When I don’t even know whats bothering them.

Don’t know when to keep quiet when I’m writing…lol I’m trying to end this. I really am.

When I write, my words come from my soul and I express better in words of imagery and the only way I do this is by what I feel what I’m reading in between the words. Looking outside the four corners of every word I read.

Clary, all your posts, writing are full of wisdom, love, warmth and kindness. Your beauty are the words you write, but yes what I read in between the lines have always been you wonderful God given “Soul” You are an “Angel” (With Wings)

Thank you for being here for all of us and yes our prayers will continue to embrace you and follow you in these times of trials.


22 12 2007

I appreciate your prayers Art, prayer have power and I will get the strength I need from them when the time comes.

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