Leave a Trace

20 12 2007


How long will I be here
I don’t know
Would my life matter
I have no idea
All I want is
To leave a trace
That I existed
For You
My Dear

Copyright 2007 Clary Lopez



2 responses

23 12 2007

This is excellent….Nice Poem Clary, You will always exist in all crossroads of my life. You are a wonderful friend.


24 12 2007
Manuel Mendoza

I’ve treded those waters many times over my lifetime,if GOD had
not being there durning those tribulations times,2 Places woukld have been of Me,
10FT under or Prison,looking back I’ve had a Remarkable life ,mostly of Adventure
an Danger,not just Me,but those who were with me at the time,,Power Curruption
false Accusations without mert,attempted of being assasination on my person,
again had The Lord God Protecting Me ,and those of my group,but mostly Me, I carry
to this date a Childrens BIBLE,which I’ve had since grade School,,3rd grade to be
Exxact,so many years,have pass by,and the Anwsers are There,Durning those
Tribulation years ,when I open the Bible,it would lead me to thee OLD TESTAMENT, and One Page always stood out,which Was The ArchAngel,and those Beautiful
words of Gods Protection,was something like This, Your Enimes are being dealt with
Continue with what you need to do,I Will Protect you.
I knew that there was a Bullet for Me out there in the mist of things More So,,
When It Involves Dirty Currup Politics,,We’r Talking bout here in the USA,,Just
About 15 yrs ago,,So I Do Beleive In GOD O’Mighty,,very very much.
I Thank You Clary For your Beautiful Poem,that Express a lot of info to whom ever
wants to ,or just leave a short THAX U,, You are aa Awesome Woman.
May every day be filled with joy health happiness and passion in you 4 Ever!!

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