20 12 2007


Life is a journey, one that it’s composed of many roads and crossroads. Our destination is one impelled by either choice or chance. We are supposed to get familiar with the ultimate goal and then look for ways to attain it somehow. I believe there are many routes to the same destination and each one of us chose the one that’s best for us.

When you come to a crossroad it’s a time when as an individual you need to dig deep in order to decide which way to go. Each route will bring a different result and effect. We get an idea of what it could be but not to the fullest of our senses. Instinct is an useful tool in this regard. Being in tune to who you are and your intentions will propel you in the right direction. It screams at you sometimes and yet, you disregard it. The consequences for that disregard can affect you for a very long time.

In looking for balance and a way to somehow move along the path I try to reflect upon the fact that I’m only human. Strength comes from facing the many challenges life presents to me on a daily basis, just like the one who lift weights to develop muscles; the training must be endured and the weight increased as the time goes by to get stronger.

It’s not easy sometimes to endure the journey and to accept what we can’t change even if we want to. Certain situations and experiences are carried by us for as long as we are alive, we need to make the best of it. But on the other hand there are many things that we can change and we can even build new roads for what we believe needs to exists in our own life. Maybe we need to choose a road less travelled to move ahead. I don’t have all the answers, I just ask as much as I can as I move along the path. I look for signs, look deep within, offer a helping hand, I listen more than I talk, and then move on. I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here, the words come without me thinking too much. I just write what I hear in my mind. Maybe this is something I or someone else need to hear, I don’t know.



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20 12 2007
Tony H

When making major decision I factor in which one is the most comfortable. In most cases I take the opposite. I’m accutely aware of how much you grow when you LEAP out of your comfort zone. Sometimes though, it’s badkfired on me when you see the results of your actions, but it is indisputably an opportunity for growth whether it worked out well or not.

21 12 2007

An interesting take on choosing that which is not comfortable, a wise move in most cases. Yes, we continue to grow with our experiences and challenges and that’s a good thing. Thanks for your comment Tony.

22 12 2007

Crossroads, there have been so many attempts in my life of wanting to use them two connected words as a source of writing at an early stage when I first ever tried to write.

Always giving up do to the fact of not knowing how to use the proper mechanics of writing and feeling sour at myself because I got scared and gave up.

Other areas consisted of sports and building and repairing computers, which was a joy of learning as it was interesting.

My biggest scope in life was photography, this was the root of my soul, not knowing it would branch me back out to wanting to write…poems, poetry. Now at 51 years of age
I have found it to be my one thing in life I can not go a day with out. Without writing something.

This is the hub of my soul I think as I look at everything and I listen to everything in a different way tone of life. Instead of just looking at things as for what they are, I dig deep into everything seeing if it will talk to me.

Everything around me is a crossroads and there are times that the big pot hole comes forth, instead of going around them, I walk through them. Because there may be someone that has done the same and they need help getting out.

Clary you helped me get out of one of them holes and one day i want to do the same for someone…Thank You! For being in the crossroads of my life. You have made a difference in all my steps of life.


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