With You in My Mind

18 12 2007


To you, who read my words:

Writing is a gift, one I treasure each and every day, without it I would be completely lost. There are many ways to express what lies deep within our heart and soul and words to me are the most powerful of all. Looking deep I see a big castle with many, many rooms, in each one of them there is a little piece of me a facet of some kind. I go in a differernt room each time and in some of them I find you, unable to vocalize what’s in your heart so I go out and write it down for you, it’s my gift to you. Perhaps you are better expressing with actions what lies deep within your heart and that’s okay, but I want to forever leave the words sprinkled on my path so that others know what was in my heart.

I carry you around and look for ways to help you out, there is nothing I can do but to let you know I listen to your heart. If you are in darkness I want to bring you light and if you are sad I want to bring you hope and happiness. When you take the time to share with me your thoughts I pick jewels out of them and place them in my treasure box. I go there from time to time and then create the most beautiful writing pieces because they have a little of you and me. I can’t create a thing without you, because it is with you in my mind that I get inspired to go beyond the physical realm and reach across the cosmos to touch your soul and I hope I do. Thank you for reading my words…



4 responses

19 12 2007

Clary, your soul is that big castle in the sky, The sunrise we see every morning, the first rose that blooms in spring. You have a heart of gold, You my dear will alway be love, loved by all of us.

Arthur Henn

19 12 2007
Tony H

It is always my distinct pleasure! Reading Clary is like listening to Keiko Matsui.

20 12 2007

Thank you Art and Tony, I’m honored that you and others are able to get something from my work. It’s all I ask God who gave me everyhting I got, to be able to share it with others.

23 12 2007
Manuel Mendoza

You inspire Me With Your Magical Words of Wisdom,that come from the Heart,Your Passion enlightens Me,Your Spirit Makes Me Move foward to Know that You Care So Much,I Am Blessed To Have SomeOne As Special As
You Happen to Be.I Hope in the Near Future That I Meet You in Person.
You ‘Clary Mi Amiga Del Corazon’,are Very Special,an Unique in every part
of your being. Your Writtings are Your Passion an Soul.Your Mind is an Adventure,
Your Spirit is Enlightment to all those who have being touched by You.
You my Dear are an Angel from Heaven,with Such a Huge Heart full of Love,
A Love full of Spirit,Cheer,Happiness,Joy,Enlightment,Sweetness,Beauty,Witt,Bold,
Understanding ,Friendship,Spontaneous,Splender,Vigorous,Virtuous,Vitality,Zest,
Yearning for more of your Reverence,Rejoice,Quest,Prayer,Poise,
Positive Energy,Philanthropy,Peace,Magical Wonders,Learning,Knowledge,Kismet,

” Wishing Clary Lopez”, ” A Merry Merry Christmas”, to her Family and Friends
All over the World,,,,an A Safe One Too……

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