Science Advance’s Misery

7 12 2007


I disconnected from the internet yesterday, after spending four hours in front of a blank screen and not knowing what to write I walked away and tried to recharge myself. I took a walk, took some pictures, wrote on a brand new notebook and read some books. When the Dr. Phil show came on I sat and watch, the topic “Desperate to be a Mom”. I’ve seen a lot of this lately, situations in which people find themselves on the edge of desperation, but why? I believe that to a point science has done more harm than good. Science is making people believe they can have control of everything that could go wrong in their life. I’m thankful for science when it is able to restore health and technology when it can help improve our quality of living, but to rely on science to make one of the most natural functions in procreation is something I don’t believe in.

Ever since doctors managed to manipulate life to an extent, people are less accepting of God’s will in their life. Being a parent is one of the most rewarding gifts we receive from God, to be co-creators with him, but not something that should be taken for granted. I always wanted to be a mom but I wasn’t sure if I would be one. Today if someone wants to be a mom -even if they can’t- they believe that they can be one. Since this off-the-wall procedures are available women wait to marry in pursuit of their carreer, some of them even want to have babies on their own and go to whatever extent physical, emotional, and financially in order to make it happen. It breaks my heart to see so many men and women being sucked in with this craziness to control life and be miserable when they don’t succeed.

There is no logical explanation to spend a fortune on procedures that ultimately don’t guarantee a thing. Not only that but what about when it works and the couple is blessed with not one but 3-6 kids at one time? Their dream came true but at a huge price. Don’t get me wrong, I know how this is, I have two cousins because of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and I’m thankful they are here.

On the other hand I worry about what God really intended for us if we happen to go through that situation. Maybe we were meant to adopt a child or chosse a line a of work in which we could help kids in a big way or do volunteer or missionary work fromt time to time. By relying on science so heavily I’m afraid a lot of people don’t think about God like they should, and instead believe themselves as God or their doctors. Humane Vitae was prophetic on this regard; it spoke about all of this advances and the effects it would have in us in the future. The scientific advances are not advances at all when we try to play God on the contrary, it becomes a true misery to those who believe it is the only way out of an undeniable situation.



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8 12 2007

ur post hit the bull’s eye… why would scientists try to interfere with on e of life’s natural processes, anyway?

8 12 2007
Vladimir Gritsenko

It is not convincing to pit a one or two examples from Dr. Phil against, well, pretty much the entirety of western civilization. It is not difficult to see how progress made people’s lives in general better.

Second, the entire question is put wrongly. Baby obsession is as old as parenthood. But earlier, women would go to their rabbi or priest or shaman or what would have you, and follow their prescriptions religiously, and of course that wouldn’t work, so if they were desperate enough they’d turn elsewhere, losing a lot of money and possibly their health in the process. Today, most of them can get real help with – you guessed it! – science.

There are no guarantees with fertility treatment, yes, and I suppose the case discussed in the show is non-standard. But are there ever any guarantees? Even simple procedures can go bad. Even if the die is rigged in our favor, we still have to throw it and face the consequences.

People who misunderstand science and technology, who build up false hopes, who abuse it, are just that. In the end, it’s up to us to decide what to do with the knowledge of how the world works. If we screw it up, we only have ourselves to blame.

As for what God intended, as Galileo put it, “I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with senses, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.”

8 12 2007

I’m not against science in all regards but when it comes to create life it’s between God and us alone. Is not the use of science that I worry about but the misuse in many occasions for profit. Creating life in a tube or lab and then suspended in time or dispose of because it’s not up to our standards is just not right at any level. Please read Humane Vitae.

8 12 2007

It is not an easy task to pit religion and science against each other. Religion has been invented and reinvented by man in various stages of his development and therefore reflects the limitations of its specific origins. While science tries to keep at the forefront of human processes and technology, it has to separate the verifiable truths from pure conjectures and superstitions…ie, the sun revolved around the earth, etc. Many early scientists were persecuted and burned at the stake by a religion that was threatened by the advance of science. However, religion has managed to keep its central place in human endeavors. As time goes by, the boundaries between the two would continue to clash and to blur as MAN struggles to try and explain the phenomenon of LIFE.

8 12 2007

I’m not talking about religion here, even though I’m basing my opinion on my faith’s knowledge, but we can’t get God out of the picture since he is our creator and from whom we receive ALL THINGS including the ability to help humanity by the use of our gifts and talents through science.

In the words of John Paul II : Science Serves Humanity Only When It Is Joined to Conscience. “The more men and women of science engage in rigorous research to penetrate the laws of the universe, the more insistent becomes the question of meaning and purpose, the more pressing the demand for contemplative reflection which cannot help but lead to a profound appreciation of the sense of man’s transcendence over the world, and of God over man (cf. Address at UNESCO, 2 June 1980, n. 22).”

You can read more on this address to scientists on this link:

8 12 2007
Vladimir Gritsenko

(I’m sorry I didn’t read Humane Vitae, it’s pretty long and I have to go soon. Maybe next weekend.)

“Creating life in a tube or lab and then suspended in time or dispose of because it’s not up to our standards is just not right at any level.”

There are things such as natural abortions and stillbirths. And there are folks born into horrible lives, either because of “natural” causes (Down syndrome being the canonical example), or because their parents don’t want them, or can’t support them properly. There’s nothing magical about the process, and I don’t see where God fits into the equation. Unless you assume that He meant for some to suffer (which you seemed to suggest by saying that perhaps infertile men and women should drop their dreams of becoming biological parents), but then where do we draw the line? Should mothers who can’t breastfeed for some reason really resort to another mother’s milk, or use synthetic substitutes? Maybe God really meant for her baby to die of starvation? Were we right in effectively eradicating smallpox, for is it not one of God’s creations? And so no.

Thus I don’t see why child bearing and rearing is exempt from the possibility (even obligation) of being improved by humans. A possible counterargument is that we’re not really improving anything, just making it worse (I suppose that’s what you meant with the provocative title of “Science Advances Misery”), but that’s debatable (which is to say, we can argue about how to improve it exactly), and once again – it’s up to us what to do with our knowledge. But knowledge in itself cannot be bad.

8 12 2007

Remember that this world is not paradise like God intended it from the beginning thanks to a human decision, so I don’t pretend to question God’s intentions but our own which in most cases is what befalls our misery. We can’t leave everything up to God we need to do our part on improving and sharing what he has given us and help those in need.

The misery I refer to here is the state of mind scientists gets us in when they offer a possible solution with no guarantees which translate into tension, unrealistic expectations, financial stress or ruin, etc. Knowledge in itself is neither good or bad it’s what we do with that knowledge what affect us and the world around us for better or worse. Thanks so much for your comment.

10 12 2007

I think your argument was a bit off-base. It is not science advancing misery in your argument as much as people using for cheating people out of money. Name a scientific source that says, ” You have control of everything that could go wrong in you life with science,” or any other such nonsense. You’re setting up a very weak straw-man hypothesis about science to contrast your personal/ religious beliefs. Using anyone on Dr. Phil as a reasonable representation is pretty lame. Remember the 3- part Dr. Phil opus about the guy cheating on his wife that claimed to be a serial killer? Pretty cheap and exploitative, no? Dr. Phil is an egotistical buffoon who exploits people’s pain for his profit. Not just anyone, only the most desperate self-absorbed people driven by ego to appear on television. Did anyone on the show claim science told them they could control everything or did you put those words into their mouths then create an artificial duality between science and religion? You can do better that this. I can’t say put much trust in the moral codes of the Catholic church who allowed priests to exploit children and covered it up for financial reasons then fought in court to hide it. Exploitation stemming from the love of money is the real issue and not science or religion.

10 12 2007

Thanks for your opinion, I hold on to mine.

11 12 2007
Jason P.

I see you got some angry (at least I sensed that) responses.

Some misinterpration took place. I think you were talking about how people will go to any lengths of science to fill that “void” of not having children. And that maybe we shouldn’t be so interested to do those things…

I was schooled in hard science of numbers…though I wasn’t as successful at it as others…I did manage an Industrial Engineering degree which usually works to make things more efficient, more effective and work for the greater good of people through technology. (But I believe it has limits.)

Throwing religion into it, like your commenters did, was unnecessary.

The problem is we are “playing God” when we create babies through extreme measures. Maybe God (or some per chance outcome) did not what you to have a child? Maybe there is much, much more they could do with their time – maybe take care of kids at a daycare center or support them other ways, instead of, one particular child.

We have plenty of unloved people all ready in existence that need help. Why does it have to be so desired to “make a child” like it is some human imperative at this point. We are not Adam and Eve; we don’t currently face a survival of the human race problem…at least not in the “go forth and multiply” scenario. (In other ways, survival is playing out before us.)

It goes to VALUES. People have distorted in their minds what to value. Placing too high a price on certain aspects, while letting other things go to heck in a handbasket.

I wish for all those that have the money and time to obsess over making a kid, would take that energy and apply it elsewhere in their lives or the lives of others. They may obtain results beyond the singular (if necessary) achievement of haivng a child.

11 12 2007

Thank you Jason P., you know what I meant.

11 03 2008
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