Friendly Conversations

30 11 2007

Communication, in all shapes and forms, are useful and valuable in every one’s life. You don’t know just how much that interaction can add or subtract from the quality of your life experiences and the important decisions it helps you make along the way, until you don’t have it.

In the last couple of days my life started to take a turn which I thought was fate. I went with it but after a talk with a friend I realized that it might not be that at all; it might be something that is trying to make its way in but that I don’t necessarily should allow to happen. 

Friendly conversation is vital in order to sort through ideas, goals, dreams and desires. It’s a shared avenue of souls helping each other reach its destination. Sometimes we find ourselves on an empty road and at others times with just enough traffic for you to tag along. But there are times that the road is packed and every once in a while you find yourself behind someone who is holding you to whatever speed they want to go and there is no way for you to pass as the others occupy the fast moving lane. Life is like that sometimes, sometimes you need to be alone, others with just a few good friends and then others with the world around us even it sometimes hold us back or bring us down momentarily. I guess the main thing is to be able to recognize when to go, when to stop and when to take a detour. I’m think this time I’ll take a detour and try to drive among narrow roads, you get the best scenic routes when you do and then I can concentrate on those things I’ve been working on for so long and that I need to make a reality.     



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