What’s Really Important

28 11 2007

Today more than ever I need to be reminded of what’s really important in life. We might be impotent to all the problems and circumstances in our life but we do have the power to react to whatever creates our disbalance. A lot of times witholding the true essence of who we are is enough to create a cloud of insecurity and discontent. Wanting deep in our heart something other than what we have or settle for. These are important things in life we need to discuss with our children as they begin to create their own life and happiness. I believe we have the power to create to a certain extent that which can provide our soul’s delight but believe we don’t. Giving in to the powerless thoughts is what drag us to make the wrong decisions in life.

So back to the thought of what’s really important; to me is claiming what I need and holding on to who I am no matter what my life circumstances are. It’s to be free to express what’s in my heart without the fear of being judged by anyone. It’s standing firm on my convictions and values. Is learning to love myself just the way I am.

What’s really important to you?



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