Begin to Get What You Need

26 11 2007

Remember my entry Getting What You Need? Well, I spoke about what I needed at least to one person (my mom) and she called me, and you know what? I got what I needed. Sometimes is not easy to speak out and lay it all out for others, you always take the chance to be disappointed but in this case I was not. I’m glad I wrote the words and that I got a positive response from her. Now, I’m encouraged to expand my horizon. I need to see the sunrise and the sunset in my life without any clouds in the sky.

All it takes for you to do the same is to access what’s in your heart and what has been nagging inside of you for so long. Instead of wishing things would work out differently every time and complain about it, express exactly what you feel and need. It is not easy and for some reason we stay quiet just to keep the peace while the war is way inside of us. I don’t believe that’s living.



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