My Library – My Haven

25 11 2007


Weekends are usually days in which I try to recharge my creative spirit. I try to read books I don’t have time for during the weekdays. I lost count of the amount of books I own and when I go to book sales I try to buy books by famous hispanic authors, bestsellers, memoirs, travel, writing and art books.

Have you noticed how some people go into a daze as soon as they get into a store? I do the same thing when I’m around books. It doesn’t matter where it is -a store or my home library- I’m instantly transported into another world. Reading books helps me grow my vocabulary, expression and stir emotions and ideas. Later on I’m able to do something similar with my own books. Each writer develops their own voice, it has take me some time to develop mine and there is still room for improvement. The manner how I choose my writing themes and what books to write comes from my heart, there is no other place to work from.

Haven to me is a place where not only your physical being feels at ease but also your spirit. It’s a balanced realm where your mind and soul is free to wonder and grow in ways you never thought or imagine. It’s a place where you long to be and the time flies by without you even knowing it. It’s where you don’t mind about your day-to-day worries, problems and sorrows. I’m not saying that my library is the only haven I experience, there are other places and people who provide the same or greater satisfaction, but I wanted you to know about this one.

Tell me about your haven or havens.