Feeling Satisfaction

23 11 2007

This morning I went about my daily routine of checking e-mails, blogs and websites. There was a book revision I finished late last night and it was time to get it out of the way. I’m pleasantly satisfied with the book and how it turned out. It’s the first one I publish for someone else. Then later on I checked my e-mail again and it was the author sending me some pictures with his book on hand, his radiant smile moved my heart. This is something that he couldn’t imagine in his wildest dreams, but that I had to make it happen because of his talent and most of all for his family.

Opening your mind and letting the words from your soul spill unto the pages of your work has a tremendous value. To me is the ultimate journey in connecting to everyone around us. The writing could be anything you want; non-fiction, fiction, poetry, play, movie script, lyrics, etc. it all has its way to reach those intended to receive it. The main thing is not to take with you that which is longing to emerge. It is in that creative flow that we get to know ourselves as we write, it’s almost a magical experience when the words somehow move someone’s spirit deep within. I can’t explain it but if I don’t see the words appear on my notebook or the blank screen of my computer I feel like a volcano close to erupt.

I think I feel the same -if not more- satisfaction to read other people’s work and not to mention to be able to help someone else birth that long awaited book. A book that was part of someone’s soul for so long and that yearned to be born into this reality realm in order to touch and transform those who read it. To awake thoughts, ideas, emotions in its readers. To leave a legacy behind.

Right now I’m working in the last details of this book launch, so stay tuned for when the big reveal takes place.



One response

24 11 2007

you are filled with a great energy of love 😀

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