Finding Direction in our Life

19 11 2007

The ability to express in words what I know and experience in my life brings me to places I’ve never anticipated. People who have read my words find in them my uncanny view of what life is and what it can be if only they are able to tap into the reflective manner in which I come to approach challenges in my life. I don’t know it all, I speak only of what has taught me big lessons through my own problems and day-to-day experiences. Every intention needs determination right behind it because you can count on the undeniable resistance that will put it to test. Resistance helps us develop our mental and spiritual muscle in everything we undertake in our life. It’s by integrating all of our being that we get to accomplish the impossible a lot of times. Our vision is what ultimately helps us find the way to achieve our goals.

There are a lot of people who live their life looking for what is not going to work for them in everything that comes their way, and then there are others who see the possibilities. I’m not saying that if we have a vision, put our best effort forth and think positive all the time that everything will work out in a positive manner. Even with all the good effort and good intention in the world we won’t accomplish what we set out to do, maybe because we need to do it differently or at another time.

It’s very hard for me to give up on something I truly believe is meant to be, so approaching the project or situation from different angles is part of what I try to do with the most important goals in my life. Instinct is a big part of what I now utilize in my life, is too bad I never did before because I would have saved myself much heartache and stupid mistakes. You are equipped with all the warning tools inside of you to help you follow your dreams, be succesful, find love, and live a great life; you only need to be attentive and must of all listen and follow your heart. One of the worst mistakes we commit against ourselves are not being True to who you are, what you Feel and what you Want in life. Success and happiness is an attainable goal to each an every one of us, we just give up too easy or settle for the next best thing instead only to regret it later. We need to learn that in order to obtain what we want we need to work, fight, defend and sometimes wait for that which is so important and valuable to us.

by Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life



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20 11 2007


This is a good write…(Blog) makes me think of a lot of things that have happen in my life. (The past, the present, and the future) My Dad when he was alive would always tell me. “Never look Back” its in the past…Think about today, whats going on around you, not whats in front of you, or behind you, but around you. “The whole picture” that 360 degree circle of life that move along with you every day of our lives.

All of them words not said by him…But my interpretation of what I think he was trying to tell me.

Smiling right now because a thought just dropped in from out of nowhere… Hear i go rambling again, not knowing when to keep quite.

My thought “Life” 360 the complete circle that retains us as individuals, family values instilled in us, confined within this circle.

Everyone else living outside this circle of life is another link of life within someone else’s family of life.

Each one of us as individuals with heart and souls lives the 360 within our family circles.

We have to take the blinders off, look around us to see the whole picture in order to understand whats happening, so we can find direction in our lives.

Stop, be very quiet, listen, stepping out of our circles, letting our hearts guide us in the crossroads of life, our creator wants us to walk in.

Does this make any sense….Art

21 11 2007

Art, you had a wise dad. Living in the moment is all we can do really and not be self-center but integrating those around us at the same time as we move about in our life and experiences. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my blog. Comments add value to what I try to communicate here.

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