Looking for Love

18 11 2007


There are very few people in the world chosen not to be part of a couple. It’s something most of us as individual enjoy and look forward to, someone to share our life and demonstrate our love to. People preoccupy themselves with the fact that they haven’t been able to find that special person in their life. The big question is if we should actively look for that person or not.

In my humble opinion and experience I noticed that in times when I was desperately looking for someone I never found it or saw it. Once I put it on the back of my mind and relaxed a little I was able to better see the possibilities in certain friends or individuals.

I’m a true believer on “what is meant to be, will be.” There is no need to go crazy looking when love will find the way on its own. If we concentrate in ourselves and being the best we can be as a human being then whoever is meant to meet us in our path will be receptive to our personal qualities. Their interest will be self evident and then we can take it from there one way or another. When we are in this disposition we are at a more realistic mode than when we are actively looking for that person. You both can clearly see where the other one is coming from and relate better at that level. When we are actively looking we usually put on a facade in order to project that which we think is desirable instead of who we truly and sincerely are.

So to me the best way to find love is the following:

  • Don’t look for it, it’ll find you
  • Concentrate on yourself
  • Keep working on your goals and dreams in your life
  • Be aware of your surroundings, your love could be just about anywhere
  • Don’t think of who or when that person will step on your path
  • Enjoy your life



6 responses

18 11 2007

I really needed to hear this today. thank you for writing it.

19 11 2007

Glad to hear that. Stop and visit soon. *Hug*

20 11 2007

It amazes me how when we are young, we never listen to “Mom” or “Dad” when they tell us. Don’t be so much in a hurry to be in love, you have plenty of time and love will find you if you are patient and let it find you.

My younger years…I had an eye for every girl that walked by me in the halls. Tugging at my Jersey on Fridays, game day…Not knowing what to say or do…lol but enjoying every minute of it.

To shy!!! never having or able to keep a girlfriend until my senior year of High school, meeting my wife who was a Jr. in college I was in love in a different way…I saw love, standing in the hall ways while working and I chased her down until she finally gave in and said…OK I Love You! Four years later we got married still married will be Thirty-Years, April 1, 2008.

But, I say this with love. If I could do it all again, I’d wait till I was at least Twenty-four or five before I would marry…We were just to young and things would even be better than they are.


20 11 2007

I guess after the fact we all think that later was better than sooner, but some people fear it might never be otherwise. Congratulations on your succesful marriage.

24 11 2007
Mr. R

I felt compelled to read this post. Thanks!

23 06 2008

it helps reading your posts you know


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