Destiny and Mission, one and the same?

10 11 2007


Is destiny and mission one and the same?

There comes a time when we stop and think about what’s life all about. Are we are were we are because our destiny is already written or because our actions and decisions took us there? Is destiny and mission the same thing? I don’t believe so, but the two are closely related.

Destiny is a hot topic these days, it’s in the minds of those who are looking deeply into what their lives are made of, and I’m afraid it goes from one side of the spectrum to the opposite side. We either believe that your destiny is already written and that we can do nothing about it or you believe it’s all in our hands and we have complete control over it. I am in the middle of the road with this one.

We come to many fork roads in our life and it is in those moments in which our life takes shape and form. I remember pivotal moments in my life that defined the life I’m living right now, like everyone else I’ve not made all the right decisions but somehow managed to survive. Armed with our experiences we can then start to build toward the desire results. Is it possible to regain the direction in which we were supposed to go or do we create a whole new spectrum of what our life has become according to our actions and decisions along the way?

To me personally is not an easy question to answer but I believe we can ultimately attain the goals or accomplish the mission assigned to us even if we make the wrong decisions along the way. There are always ways to reach our destinations; just like there is not only one way to reach a physical location, there are more ways than one to reach our personal destination.



2 responses

12 11 2007

Great question 😀 need some time to ponder on this one

13 11 2007

Would love to know what you think

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