The Secret Everyone Should Know

9 11 2007


This morning I was encountered not only with someone who was having the most difficult time of her life – the end of her marriage- but I also encountered the answer to many of her dilemmas. It is amazing how God works.

I’ve read this Bible passage many times; “Have dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and all the living things that move on the earth.” Genesis 1:28
Today I was reminded of the gift this dominion provides to us and how we need to apply to it ourselves. I have read this theory from many different perspectives and by many different people who have attained this level of dominion over themselves and everything that surrounds them helping them to achieve their mission in life. With that mission fulfillment many have also attained financial and spiritual freedom.

I’ve been watching a lot of programs lately on the History Channel and it really bothers me to see how we have failed to develop our mind to its full potential. You might argue that we have great advancements in science and technology lately but I don’t believe is anywhere close to what people centuries before Christ achieved. Check the Rome-Engineering an Empire . If you compare their achievements and ours you can clearly see that we should have been able to do much more than we have so far.

There is so much more in the line up of shows that educate us on what have been done by others, but what about us now? How come we have slowed down in our mental advancement when we have so much at our disposition? I believe the movie I’m sharing with you today, The Secret will give you some answers. It reminded me of the power given to us by God from the beginning and that many have forgotten. I would love to hear what you think of it.

The Secret


Agreed 100%. The past civilizations were more intelligent and progressive than ours. Yes, we have technology, but it’s been built on prior knowledge. It is disappointing that new breakthroughs have come so painfully slow. More evidence that Someone else holds the secrets, and lets us have a glimpse from time to time.

Wednesday October 11, 2006 – 11:59am (CDT)

Txcha… Offline IM I’ve also had the opportunity to view the Rome-Engineering an Empire a while back and amazed at how much they accomplished without the luxury of today’s available technology and tools to get the job done.

When we had our house built, it was amazing that our house was completed in 3 months, when in comparison to even 10 years ago, it would have taken 6 to 8 months. We have some many tools to replace the struggle of having to actually figure things out for ourselves nowadays. It takes work, focus and discipline to accomplish anything without readily-available tools. Who wants that? We live in such a face-paced world, microwave world. To sit and actually take the time to cook a meal even that might take hours to complete, is a luxury. I feel it in everything I do. Homemade cooking is an art! We don’t have time so we have pre-cooked meals or 30 minute or less recipes. Staying in shape or loosing weight; let’s just take a pill. It’s easier! There are more examples…but my point is either, generally speaking, we are greedy, fat and lazy (physically and mentally) or we have way to many advanced technology making it easier for us not to have to think. We are all to blame!

Just an example of that, I completed a quilt a while back and had to use geometry to figure out the sizes, shapes and how many to each…boy I almost gave up. It took a lot of energy to get an idea of what I needed before even starting the project. But I managed, the hardest part for me was the exact square inches of each different fabric I needed to cut and where I needed to start my sewing to piece it together. Anyhow, why not just by a comforter already quilted???? I love when people say they don’t have time and they come in the next day to say they watched CSI or several shows this week…hours upon hours of shows. Think they could have used their time more wisely?

Wednesday October 11, 2006 – 12:09pm (CDT)

Archer Offline IM Very nice blog. Light to us all 🙂 .

Wednesday October 11, 2006 – 11:02pm (PKT)

Miche… Offline The history channel rocks!

Wednesday October 11, 2006 – 05:02pm (CDT)

♥2Lip… Offline IM You shine light on something that I absolutely subscribe to. The secret is only a secret because, by in large, we live with a veil of confusion pulled over our eyes by the societal conditioning. I am a lifetime student of quantum physics and ancient history and I have devoted my life to shedding light on some very fundamental principles which empower us and free us from the bondage of fear and separation. Great Blog Clary. God Bless ~ R

Thursday October 12, 2006 – 07:32pm (EDT)

FUNNY… Offline Very good blog! I also enjoy the History Channel and Discovery and Science Channels!

Friday October 13, 2006 – 12:48pm (PDT)



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