Bookaholic- Is a Sickness

4 11 2007

I was laughing with my daughter and friend the other day. We went shopping for clothes and as soon as we walked by the bookstore my daughter looked at me, “Mom, please don’t.” I had to look the other way, I’m like metal drawn to magnet. “It’s a sickness,” I said as I quickly kept walking away. I love to linger in the bookstore looking at books. I scan the bestseller’s shelf, then the sale section.

By being a writer I tend to at look books in all kinds of ways. Unlike readers that are looking only for a good book, my visits and search are many times a way to do a little research as well. I want to know what is selling, look at bookcovers that grab my attention, read book reviews on the stores free magazine and read the beginning pages of the books that interest me.

My next book is getting close to be completed, hopefully I’ll be done with it in six months. I can’t believe how long this process takes. It took me a year to accumulate the content which was in May, and now is going to take another few months. But this preparation time is crucial before the launch of a book. I can’t rush the process or it won’t be as succesful as I want it to be. Patience is something I lack, it’s ironic that I write and homeschool my kids, both required a great amount of patience.

If you like to go to bookstores tell me;

  • What do you like about them and how you go about selecting your books?
  • Even if you don’t buy a thing, what grabs your attention?
  • What does a book has that impels you to take it off the shelf and thumb through its pages?

Comments: (from another blog)

LeeTa… …También me gustan las librerías, me pierdo hojeando libros, no necesarimente bestsellers; hay muchas obras y autores, de ayer y de hoy, que no conocemos. Me intereso por todo y he de ir con cuidado pues mi lista de lecturas pendientes cada vez se amplía más y más. Prefiero decir que leo mucho que definirme adicto, expresión poco apropiada y que no ayuda para hacer entender a los jóvenes el placer de la lectura. SALUDANDO:

Wednesday September 5, 2007 – 01:21pm (BST)

happy… its a passion, trouble is I collect them. Collectors are supposed to be poor readers which is true. Last count had about 5,000 but haven’t counted them in years. My daughter is the same . I like books that are a bit obscure, old and odd. I tend to follow themes — at he moment its old churches. I like books that challenge and are literate. I havent read a modern novel in years but have quite a few. I think American writing is way better than British its doesnt compromise its style and you dont dumb down as much as we do.

Wednesday September 5, 2007 – 01:27pm (BST)

Brian p iam a book addict,will display my shelf for you when i get it in order so you see my selection.Iam in airpots all the time and my favorite spots are book stores

Wednesday September 5, 2007 – 05:55am (PDT)

** Tx… I love the smell of books…its’ weird…but I do.. I love the different titles…I love to scroll down each isle and just see what is interesting. I love more the older books written in the 1900’s, the difference in the wording used. Newer books seem more laxed with their words and there alot of different phrases but then some old ones…if that makes sense.

Wednesday September 5, 2007 – 08:14am (CDT)

GG – … That will be great Brian, I would love to see it. I also gravite to airport bookstores.

Wednesday September 5, 2007 – 09:43am (EDT)

winduck 1-2 books per month? A slow week for me is buying at least 2 books a week. I finish reading 1-3 books (non-textbook) per week. Usually buy books from reading good reviews, awards, nominees or recommendations via word of mouth (instructors, students and non-harlequin people) I like retail bookstores but thriftstores are the true wildcard. Airports tend to have basic stuff like Clancy, D. Steele, etc.. Yes, some of us (me) are more book-“nerdier” than you GG – 🙂

Wednesday September 5, 2007 – 09:14am (MDT)

GG – … Winduck, I was trying to be conservative but I think I’m buying as much as you. I like to go the the Good Will Bookstore and another we have here in town that counts with there floors and find gems at discounted prices. Thanks for sharing.

Wednesday September 5, 2007 – 11:42am (EDT)

M.K–… It’s a sickness i have,i buy 3-4 books a month.i love the barnes and nobles cafe.on some of my days off,i go and sit there with coffee and browse through books

Wednesday September 5, 2007 – 12:42pm (CDT)

GG – … Offline Isn’t it wonderful Martha? I love to do the same; coffee, classical music background and a huge store full of books. “It’s this heaven?” I ask myself. LOL Yeah, we are sick. LOL

Wednesday September 5, 2007 – 01:56pm (EDT)

Carol… My husband and I finally stopped buying books and spend more time at the library. We probably go through 30 books a month easily. I can’t stand the dust anymore so our books are boxed up. We have three dogs and two cats so the dust and fur are a pain. As long as we have the animals the books will be put away. We do still buy just not like we used to.

Wednesday September 5, 2007 – 03:11pm (EDT)

Initi… Love books actually when I get in there I won’t be out for an hour. But what I love as well is two newspaper I have by way of daily delivery. A national large one on weekends, and the local one daily.

Wednesday September 5, 2007 – 03:00pm (PDT)

Señor… IM Unfortunately, I don’t like going to malls, bookstores, etc. My method of buying books (which I do love, by the way) is by reading reviews in magazines, or by friends’ recommendations. I find that I’m rarely disappointed at any book that has been recommended to me by a friend.

Have you read “The Kite Runner”? What type of books touch your fancy? I eat anything up that Isabel Allende writes.

Congratulations on being close to completing your book. Que tenga mucho exito!

Wednesday September 5, 2007 – 03:03pm (PDT)



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