Direction in Your Life

2 11 2007


This is a record of your time. This is your movie. Live out your dreams and fantasies. Whisper quotations to the Sphinx at night. Sit for hours at sidewalk cafes and drink with your heroes. Make pilmigrages to Mougins and Abiquiu. Look up and down. Believe in the unknown for it is there. Live in many places. Live with flowers and music and books and paintings and sculpture. Keep a record of your time. Learn to read well. Learn to listen and speak well. Know your country, know your world, know your history, know yourself. Take care of yourself physically and mentally. You owe it to yourself. Be good to those around you. And do all these thing with passion. Give all that you can. Remember, Life is short and Death is long.

Fritz Scholder (b. 1937) Native American artist

I couldn’t said it better myself. Life is a journey in which we learn to put these and other elements into perspective as we make decisions in our life. It’s a conscious effort to pay attention to the details and to bring into our life that which satisfies and inspires us. To be closed to the negative in this world and be opened to the positive. To create a little haven within and then project it to others around us. It’s to know and accept ourselves just as we are. We have something unique to give to each other. Pretending to be someone we are not only kills our spirit.

Comments: (from another blog)

…Sabias palabras, sin duda. Nadie contará la experiencia del viaje como uno mismo, eso lo diferencia del resto. La vida es un viaje único e inigualable que podemos orientar o corregir, del que sacar lecciones que compartir o que aprender. Es el proyecto, el de cada caual, que merece el esfuerzo… SALUDO, CLARY:

Friday August 24, 2007 – 02:24pm (BST)

M.K–… God made you who you are,unique,different and to be who you are.If we were all the same,what would we be looking forward to?be who you are and never try to be someone else.Life is great

Friday August 24, 2007 – 09:30am (CDT)

Steve… ‘All the world’s a stage’….yet, to be true to ourselves and to others is a key element to a happy life. Great photo and love the lighthouse background.

Friday August 24, 2007 – 12:11pm (CDT)

Amati… And you are and have always been the real deal!

Friday August 24, 2007 – 02:41pm (CDT)

melvy… Spoken like a true intellectual… these are basic truths. And yet, quite a few in the land of plenty (with milk and honey) still cannot even with half of it. Some don’t even know the length and breadth of their own country… and don’t even bother to look up the history of things, places and people. Indeed Life is short… make the most of it. Make every hour, every second count.

Friday August 24, 2007 – 03:52pm (EDT)

Initi… Totally in agreement with you as we are the directors that choose how we wish our movie to be created. From our own choice we determine what that movie may be. Life is life and have a great weekend as well, anyone that does see these writings knows there is a thread to someone that is real and that does walk her talk, as well as being a creator of creation…A good weekend to you friend.

Friday August 24, 2007 – 03:31pm (PDT)

Drago… To learn and grow is the only way daily…if not you are already dead internally….explore, learn, grow, experience, there is no other way!!! Love Thalia xoxoxo

Saturday August 25, 2007 – 05:34pm (EST)



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