Being Grateful – excerpt from Simplicity, Richness of Life

27 10 2007

Having all the comforts that life has to offer can make us ungrateful, self-centered people who take everything for granted. I know I have fallen into this trap. Maybe you haven’t thought of all the things you take for granted, like a new day. Even your next breath is given to you because God wills it for you along with your health, your home, your car, your family, your children, food, clothing, work and much more. Taking things for granted makes us lose the appreciation we should have for the people, material possessions and abundant blessings in our lives. We miss what is of real value in our lives and , therefore, fall into unhappiness and despair. We are creatures composed of body and soul and , likewise, there are aspects of our nature that we need to attend to and develop on a regular basis. If we ignore part of our nature, it’s almost impossible for us to be able to live and grow as healthy spiritual individuals.

Being grateful is like opening the door to one aspect of our nature and allowing it to be nurtured and strengthened. Letting God be part of your daily life and thanking him for everything is a good practice. God created us in His image with a unique mission. Each mission is exclusive and needs to be brought to fruition so that we can achieve our higher purpose and give the glory back to God. Not being able to discover what that mission is in your life, might bring insecurity, unhappiness, emptiness, feelings of lack of fulfillment, and sometimes even tragedy into your life, but most of all, the important work needed for the world won’t see the light of day. That’s why it is so important for you to start by being grateful for God’s blessings and talents given to you. Develop them and, along with daily communion with him and prayer, you will be able to find out what your mission and purpose is in your life.

Excerpt from Simplicity – Richness of Life




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