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24 10 2007

(Originally posted on 2006)

I feel a little nostalgic today. Why do you ask? Because I miss my most influencial source of inspiration, my mom. Here is her picture with me on her last visit a few months ago. She turned 70 last week and what a happy day that was. She has been in and out of the hospital in the last two years but she is finally doing well.

I’ll never forget my last visit to Puerto Rico right after one of her surgeries and the misdiagnosed lymphoma that threw my whole world upside down. You see, my mom is not only my mother, she is my friend and my inspiration. I hope to be all that she is even though I know I come so short of that goal.

She is the one who put me in the path of writing and at 12 or 13 I won a literary award for a biography I did on St. Peter. She also writes but haven’t published anything yet. She is a concern citizen who writes about today’s issues and do so beautifully. I don’t know if she ever have sent any of those letters to the press but they do deserve to be read by all the young people. She sees the wrong in society and offer solutions and it’s always optimistic about the future. As a wife she is an example of holiness and service to her husband, they don’t make wives like that anymore. Now it is all about equality when there is so much beauty in our differences and a way to live a joyful life under a rainbow of characteristics that make men and women unique individuals.

I’m blessed to have this source of inspirations and I’m sure you have yours as well. Treasure them and share them with the world. Let them know how important they have been in your life.

Mom, without you I would not be who I am today. I’m a better person for knowing you and most of all for being loved by you.

Happy Birthday!


Awesome and Inspiring! I lost my Mom almost 2 years ago… and we never got to our unfinished buisness. But that aside, she was a wonderful woman and I miss her terribly! You are doing great by her… this blog just proves it more! HUGS! 🙂

Tuesday October 3, 2006 – 11:31am (EDT)

Fut Offline They say to achieve greatness, you must first never take anything as second best. Once you only accept the best out of yourself and others, then and only then will you exceed your goals. Forget who said it and doing a quick search on some quote sites doesn’t reveal it either, but I have lived by that goal for the last 2 years one day at a time to overcome addiction. And somehow it works for me.

Tuesday October 3, 2006 – 12:07pm (EDT)

Steve… Offline IM Very well done.. It’s so inspiring to see a child honor the parent..the one who nurtured and gave life.

Tuesday October 3, 2006 – 11:25am (CDT)

Archer Offline IM Ms. Clary, Beauty and holiness does not need to be justified; for they themselves are proof of their existance. You and your mother are perfect examples of beauty and holiness combined in one individuality as womanhood in full bloom. I totally agree with you that as wife, today’s ladies don’t make wives like your mother anymore. The example like your mother as a wife are very and scarce.
Happy Birth Day to your Mom. She is a Libra, ruled by planet Venus of Love aesthetics and beauty. And believe me, she really is perfect example.
Take Very Care of Yourself.

Wednesday October 4, 2006 – 12:06am (PKT)

Inesta Offline Beautiful! both of you, of course : )

Tuesday October 3, 2006 – 07:57pm (EDT)

cosic… Offline IM This is one of the most beautiful blogs I have ever read. What a wonderful lady your mother is. And what a wonderful daughter you are to tell this story in such a sensitive and loving manner. If the photo is a recent one she looks amazing for 70! WoW! Please convey my warmest wishes to her for continued happiness in her life. How lucky you are to have each other…


Wednesday October 4, 2006 – 03:40pm (BST)

GG – … Offline Thanks for all your comments, to me is an honor and priveledge to be her daughter. The picture was taken in May of this year, so that is how she looks now. I will convey your good wishes on her birthday, she will be thrilled.

Wednesday October 4, 2006 – 10:54am (EDT)

melvy… Offline IM where will we be without our moms? They were always there when everyone else has deserted us… When we were down and out, mom was there to talk it out and turn us around. Just like your mom, my mom was very supportive even when I have gone astray (of other people’s expectations) and believed in me… that I could realize the dreams of a better future. Hurray for the moms!

Thursday October 5, 2006 – 06:24am (EDT)

ƹllɇṙɏ Offline Buen trabajo! mi Mama escribia versos y me gustaban y escribi mi primer poema a los 10 por inspiracin a ella ya que le escribia cartas desde los 5. Bueno saludos a tu madre y espero que escribas sabiamente por muchos a~nos mas! Ltr


Friday October 6, 2006 – 05:09pm (EDT)

lex Offline IM It was a beautiful relationship between mother and daughter…My best wishes to both of you and Happy Birthday Mom!

Sunday October 8, 2006 – 05:56am (PDT)

archi… Offline IM you are blessed with a terrific mom… you owe it to her. both of you are good example of a healthy mom & daughter relationship. best wishes to your writing career! belated happy birthday Mom!

Tuesday October 10, 2006 – 11:13pm (SGT)

Kaoss Offline Wow, that is so great that you have such a relationship with your mom and that she is so inspirational to you. That is very beautiful for sure.

Saturday October 14, 2006 – 10:57pm (EDT)



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