Change to Grow

22 10 2007

I read an interesting blog entry today about change. I read somewhere that in order to have what you never got, you must do what you have never done. Expecting to obtain different outcomes in our life even though we are still doing the same things is crazy. In order to change the outcome we must do something differently. David St. Lawrence explains it well on his blog entry, “Moving out of your comfort zone.” He talks about carreer change and what sometimes holds us back because we are afraid to leave our comfort zone.

Comfort zones are dangerous and hard to get out of. We tend to live life on this “trance” even though we are seeing our world is changing around us and our soul longing for meaning in this life. Doing what you love is – most of the time- the answer to our vocation in life. Many times there is a way to make money at it, but we need to work on it and find the ways how to make that happen. It’s much easier to let someone tell us what to do and to pay us what they think we are worth, than to work at finding out ourselves what it is we are supposed to do and create a decent income stream doing it.

In my book, Simplicity – Richness of Life I wrote about some of these ideas on the chapters titled What’s Holding you Back? and Dreaming Once More. It’s an exploration of my inner self as I tried to find meaning and purpose in my life and one that many have identified with.

Our talents goes to waste many times until we are forced to make some changes. With the loss of a job, death, divorce, sickness or other tragedies in life many times we are faced to make changes in our life only to find out that we were not meant to do what we have been doing for the last 15 or 20 years. Others have found their way while going through a mid-life crisis, whatever the circumstances I’m glad that God uses everything to bring us where we are supposed to be to begin with.

When you decide to make a change or are forced to it, open your heart and mind to the possibilities; it may be your time to explore the reality that something more awaits you and it might spark your zest for life again. Change is like a rollercoaster, scary and exciting at the same time. You are not quite the same after the ride…and that could be a good thing.


Very good message. Your original quote is something I keep posted on my mirror, though it was told to me differently. “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you always got”

Friday September 29, 2006 – 10:58am (EDT)

Archer Offline IM Ms. Clary Lopez, I agree with you totally. The only constant thing in this world is change within, in terms of improvement. Changing the form of matter serves no purpose. It is the change in perception of viewing and perceiving things that leads to path of soul development and salvation. Very nice post.I wish you all the best of being more of woman. Infact your words convay the wonderful mesage that there are still genuine women on this planet with full of femininity and womanhood ruled by venus, not ruled by Mars.
Blesings to you.
Take Care.

Friday September 29, 2006 – 08:56pm (PKT)

Archer Offline IM I wish you all the best for the success of the book.

Friday September 29, 2006 – 08:57pm (PKT)

Archer Offline IM I live in Karachi, the southern most coastal city of a South Asian Country, Pakistan. Is there any workable way to purchase and receive your book in Karachi, Pakistan? I would definitely like to read your book with full attention. The Writrs of South (Southern hemisphere/South America/Latin America and Carribean) always catch my attention due to their outstanding ways of prolific and revelationary writing. To name, some writers of South are Mr. V.S Naipaul and Mr. Paulo Coelho are in my most hot favourite list of Writers. I think your name will be added very soon once I read your book. Kindly provide information of how can I receive your book (with your signature) in Karachi, Pakistan?
I am so glad to meet you Ms. Clary Lopez.

Friday September 29, 2006 – 09:10pm (PKT)

GG – … Offline Hello Archer,

You can order directly from the printer @

I will be glad to send you a signed bookplate if you provide me with your mailing address

Friday September 29, 2006 – 12:32pm (EDT)

raj_i… Offline Hi Ms. Lopez,

Your blog is really interesting. I wish to mention my openion about change.

In fact every one fears about the change. As David Lawrence blog (you mentioned it), no one wants to come out of comfort zone. But people will adjust to the change slowly. First they resist, then they follow (may be forcibly), then they start liking it and next they dont want to change it.
But to the personal growth or organisation growth or country growth, The change is must. With different idiology and with different methods, we can achieve the goals. Even in games the teams will change their strategies in the middle of game itself to win the match.

I like this blog entry very much and I tried to communicate my feelings towards it. (My english is poor but tried my best to communicate)

Sunday October 1, 2006 – 07:34pm (IST)

GG – … Offline You did great raj, thanks for sharing

Monday October 2, 2006 – 09:47am (EDT)

Txcha… Offline IM To make changes in life sometimes it’s easier said then done. For some in a fog of life, change is overwhelming with finances, family and other circumstances. The better advice would be to take time to evaluate life, set goals of where you desire to be, list your challenges, your goals, make a strategic plan to get to a better point one step at a time, you’ll eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s discipline, focus and a desire to be better then you are now. Conquering smaller goals gives a sense of accomplishment and helps tackle the bigger goals in life. And always look forward, learning from the past, yes, but force yourself from your thoughts dwelling in the past. The more you move forward in a positive direction, the more it seems to erase the negative and dims the past. Off my soap box now…lol

Monday October 2, 2006 – 03:07pm (CDT)



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