What I Want to Do

18 10 2007

Get more ambitious about where you want to explore and what you want to do.

This is what my horoscope said today, not that I care or believe in horoscopes but it seemed to relate to what I’ve been thinking lately. Finding my place in the writing world is one of exploration and what lies in my heart to write about. There are three distinctive areas I have passion for: inspiration, travel and marketing. Inspiration and travel is something I can easily blend, marketing is another subject matter all together but closely related to everything to I do as a writer.

Should a writer limit himself to just one genre? It seems to me that every writer I’ve read about took some time to discover what their voice was. Some of them like Nora Roberts had enough passion to develop two different kinds of writing even if she had to use a psedonym to see how it would work.

So here I am revising and editing my first marketing book, BookPromo Guerrilla Style and looking forward to share with writers effective ways to promote their own books. Publishing a book is just one step, what’s crucial is knowing how to get them on the reader’s hands even before you write the book.

My other two loves in writing, travel and inspiration, will merge soon and I will be letting you know when that becomes a reality.



3 responses

19 10 2007

I do not think one has to stick to a single genre. Of course, often after a while one gravitates towards what one does well….

Inspiration and travel — these go very well together. Do you do a lot of traveling? I’m heading to Peru in January and am thinking about the opportunities to write about that trip.

19 10 2007

I don’t travel as much as I want to right now, but I do my share and take day and weekend trips here and there. I also visit Puerto Rico every year. Peru sounds like a very interesting place to explore, I’m sure you’ll be able to write a lot about different kinds of topics. Let me know when you do, I would love to read it. Thanks for your visit and comment.

20 10 2007

You might check out the book, Bones of the Earth. It shows how one can write about what is in one’s immediate vicinity, not just far away places.

I’ll let you know when I start writing about the trip to Peru. Should be bloggin on it when I get back in mid-Jan.

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