Being Self-Sufficient

14 09 2007

Where do writers get ideas to write about? Life, circumstances, people, experiences they all have something to do in shaping the words we put on paper. Ultimately it is our discipline to do what we need to do no matter the circumstances what prevails. It’s not easy sometimes specially when you get used to write driven by emotions.

One thing I noticed this week was that the longer I go by without writing the more depressed I get. There is an internal yearning to express whatever it is I have inside. It might not be for publication but writing is an integral part of who I am and must do in my life.

I can spend hours in front of the laptop coming up with ideas if it’s quite enough outside my office. Many other ideas pop upon my mind while doing mundane things. I wish I could write everything that comes to mind during those moments but I’m guilty of not carrying a notebook with me many times or failing to wake up at night when a few lines come to mind, if I did I would probably had a longer list of articles or book ideas on my files.

From time to time is great to get together with friends and relax for a while. Interaction with other individuals can also spark ideas for even more writing and discussing different points of views helps create a balance view of the topic.

Today I wasn’t feeling too good and I know it was because I haven’t written like I should, but by just writing on blogs is helping me clear my mind and ease my worries. The heaviness in my heart lifts up everytime I realize I don’t depend on anything or anyone to be able to write something worth reading. I must learn that this is my calling and that no matter what is going on in my life there is something worth taking the time to put down on paper, even if it is just for me.



2 responses

27 09 2007

I think it is so important to recognize as a writer that sometimes you just have to write. Whatever the format the writing takes it just feels good to put the words together and let the energy flow outwards. And yes the subjects we write about come from just about everywhere. What fun!

29 09 2007

Hi Matthew,
It’s interesting that you speak of energy flow in relation to writing, it’s exactly how it feels, an energy release of some sort. Thanks for your comment.

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