Down in my Cell

19 08 2007


In the last few weeks more than ever I’ve been looking within in order to find my way. Going down the cell of our soul is a sure way to find what truly matters in life. It’s in our temple where we can see more clearly what it’s right or wrong in our life. Perhaps we’ve lived years of neglect of our spiritual and intellectual needs, only caring for those around us just to find out that at the end all is out of our hands. There is only someone you can change and control and that is you. We try to plan and control every little detail in our life and find ourselves disappointed when it’s not what we hoped for from the start. We have the wrong impression that love and affection is something we look for when in reality it comes to you when you least expect it. We are supposed to love without expecting anything in return but then again we do. We don’t demand love and respect from others we earn it with the way we live and treat others in our life.



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