Parent’s Connections

12 08 2007


It has taken me years to understand, but I think I finally realized that as parents we are able to connect with one gender better than others. Being a parent is a very difficult task and knowing how to best accomplish the art of better communication with our kids is important. I thought that because we were parents communication had to be an equal thing between mom and dad. I’ve read some books -they all suggest different things- I’ve tried a few things but at this teenage stage of my kids’ life nothing seems to work for them or me. In talking with other parents I noticed how the dads were able to better connect to their daughters as I was able to connect better with my boys. It was a light bulb moment for me even though I did’nt react to it right away.

Now that I think of it I can tell why I’m more like my dad than my mom. I love my mom but I always longed for my dad’s love and affection. Even though during my teen years he tended to be so strict and sometimes unfair, I loved him. He was the one to protect me, be proud of me, buy me beautiful clothes and jewelry. In one word I was (and still am) his princess. I don’t remember him talking to me about boys, my future or my feelings -that was more of my mom’s job- but with his example I learned a lot about all of that.

I know that my best connection with my mom began when I had my own kids. Maybe I’ll have to wait till then to have that kind of connection with my daughter.




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