What to do when you are feeling blue?

6 08 2007

There are moments in life in which we can’t runaway from, if we are alive we’ll have good and bad moments. What we do with them is what matters in the end. It’s during difficults times when we realize how insignificant we really are in the universe’s realm. What happens to us many times is not under our control and been used to care of things right away, we try to fight them or fix them somehow. It’s natural instinct I guess.

When I feel blue is usually the time in which I go in circles in my mind, don’t know what to say or do and end up writing. It’s my way to unload feelings and frustations to regain hope. I’m usually inspired to write poems that nobody lay eyes upon. I also like to listen to music with lyrics that express my sentiments.

I’m puzzled at how human beings relate to one another and how they communicate their feelings. Half the time nobody is sure if they are coming or going. They say one thing but don’t mean it at all, and then at other times they mean it but never speak of it to another soul. I guess we all do the same thing -smoke and mirrors- to protect ourselves.

So what to do when you are feeling blue? Take a good look inside, usually something is trying to work in you. Take time to be by youself and ask the hard questions you’ve never wanted to answer. Be honest. Be hopeful, tomorrow will be another day, maybe a better one than your present. Don’t let your mind run wild imagining things, it only helps you feel worst. Just wait and see and at the end you’ll see it was nothing after all. Let the waves carry you wherever they might, there will come a time when all is calm again. Nothing last forever.



2 responses

8 08 2007

I know this feeling… You don’t know what’s happening to you and see writing as an escape…

8 08 2007

It’s an excellent tool to sort and unload.

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