Hating Weekends

4 08 2007

The more I get into writing the more I come to hate weekends. Weekends tend to be the only time in which my writing is restricted. Taking in consideration that writers need to dedicate a lot of time to the craft it’s obvious that while those weekly interruptions take place so our inspiration is affected. By the time Monday comes around I’ve already lost the flow I accomplished by Friday, it takes me couple of days to get into the swing of things again and before I know is the weekend one more time.

Is it fair to want to spend so many hours trying to create something worthy of publication or should I relax and enjoy life as it comes? I usually try to concentrate in reading since it’s something I can do anywhere. Reading helps at least keep my mind working. I also try to use my camera and capture nature and scenic views which is another way to stay connected to my creative spirit. If I am to write my next book I need to dedicate time and energy to the endeavor or it will never be done.

Discipline is what makes a writer, aside from inspiration which we can’t depend on, having the purpose to be in front of the computer or writing on a notebook whatever it is that comes to mind. I remember the first book I wrote, it bursted out of me and I didn’t stop for seven months straight. There was an urgency in the process and I was amazed at what I did in that time frame. I need to get that back.



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