Inspiration Day at the Museum

30 07 2007

It has become a routine, every four to five months I visit the Museum. I check on the visiting exhibitions which they present in a special hall. It was the perfect day, I had a busy weekend that drained all the energy and inspiration from me. I needed to be outside in beautiful surroundings and contemplate works of art. They come from all over the world; photography, sculptures, paintings, etc. Walking along the elegant corridors that surrounds the interior garden I get transported into another world. It resembles Venice. The tall marble columns that sustain the roof are in diferrent shapes and forms, parts of different buildings which were demolished and the columns along with many other architectural features on this building were rescued by John Ringling. It’s breathtaking, if I would add one more element to the mix I would add classical music as a background.

As soon as I got off my car I had to take out my camera, there was a squirrel on the tree in front of me and he was not afraid. I took a few shots and this was the best.


Then as we waited for our transportation to the museum I was faced with this beautiful lake. I don’t know what is it about this place but every time I come I see more beauty in it.

An older couple, who saw us at the entrance and talked to me about forcing my kids to come with me, observed us as we went around in the gallery. She said she used to do the same with her grandkids and they hated it but now they thank her for it. So I drag them with me every time and every time they learn something new, want it or not. I’ll wait 15-20 years for that thank you.

After we saw the exhibition then I took some shots at the garden and that would serve me for some inspiration while I write. Appreciating the beauty in art stimulates the senses and the imagination, one that is needed in order to later on be able to come to a blank screen or piece of paper and start creating something beautiful with words.



It was raining softly when I took these pictures and I couldn’t walk the gardens like I usually do, but I left satisfied that my senses were delighted one more time as I look at the shapes and colors of the oil paintings on the Landscape From the Age of Impressionism. The exhibition will be here until July 29, so if you get a chance stop by and enjoy it. On Mondays visitors can go to the museum for free. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.



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6 08 2007

Hi Clary, nice View of the building with you on it.

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