28 07 2007


How in the world
Do I keep you from danger
If all you want is
Be far away from me

How do I show my love
Even though you won’t believe
When all you want
Is make me cry

How do I help you understand
All I do is for your good
That I believe in your greatness
Way before you do

How should I reach
To touch and move your heart
And feel the love
We once had

How to go on
Knowing you won’t be here
You can’t wait to move away
Leaving my love behind

How do I say I love you
So you feel warm inside
Always here for you
Even if you want me far

How can I be
A better mother
And don’t drive you away
Pray that I find the way



4 responses

28 07 2007

Mother’s always do, always do.

30 07 2007

A good start would be to give her a copy of this poem. Then take her away for a few days just the two of you and bond over conversation of your true feeling for each other. Let her understand that you too were once a young girl ready to take on the world without a clue of the realities of life. Let her know that her actions hurt the ones that love her the most. Don’t bend to her will, and don’t push her with yours. Gently guide her into womanhood. This won’t be an easy task but sooner or latter she will realize that she is lucky to have a mother like you. Be strong.

31 07 2007

DeVega thank you for your advice. The gem I extracted from this is:
“Don’t bend to her will, and don’t push her with yours.” A fine line indeed. I’ll do my very best with God’s help.

24 03 2008

Being a parent more so a Mother is the hardest job on earth. Clary, you are a wonderful Mother, she will always love you and remember you.

Your poem is heart felt. You amaze me little lady.


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