High on Emotions

16 07 2007

People are normally attracted to writers in ways that they wouldn’t be to others with a different occupation, perhaps because writers are able to put into words what they are experiencing but can’t express. While reading their words they identify or recognize a little bit of themselves in the words the writer is utilizing in their work. Sometimes their writing can stir emotions that calls the reader to examine what’s within or what they are missing, it is at that moment that the reader invites the writer in to help them navigate life issues.

It’s in the meeting of the minds where a special connection can stir emotions unable to be compared to any other on earth. It’s a sublime seduction in which writer and reader become one in time and space. The thought process is sharpened by the interaction the two manage to exchange even though they may never get to meet in person. Each in it’s own way contributes to the other’s wellbeing. There is a balance of giving and receiving. When the writer manages to connect with it’s audience at that level and knows it, it helps them create more of the same. It’s enthusiasm increases as he is able to touch lives and hearts.

To be free to express with sincerity what lies inside the heart without fear is in essence what a good writer wants to do, it’s only when he is free to do so that that his work comes alive. It’s however a challenge to be able to do so. Without the exchange of these high on emotion moments the creative spirit isn’t stirred within and soon become stagnant. Powerful mind encounters can stimulate a torrent of ideas that would help propel our writing to the next level, it can make the writer’s blood rush in ways unknown or forgotten.

It takes trust and faith to let go of what holds us back while we write and the ideal that the reader will accept what we want to share with them.



2 responses

17 07 2007

I think that attraction to a writer is in a way being attracted to our selves and our own sensations within. When a writer can inadvertently touch us and make us realize that we are not alone it is almost like a release of energy that has been captive within us. It’s at that point that we want to know the author and explore the mind that has touch us and set us free from a prison that prevented us from being who we were intended to be.

To touch someone you know in the physical is easy, but to emotionally and intellectually touch a complete stranger whom you may never meet is truly a blessing. In the event that you can actually interact with the person who has made you reach deep into your emotions or thought process and share ideas based one mutual respect and inspiration is really more than most of us could ever expect. It almost becomes a parallel existence between two minds providing each other with fruits of creativity.

I firmly believe that in order to put forth our most passionate works and raw feeling we need to be completely honest with our own triggers of inspiration. What moistens our creative juices and sets us on a vigorous writing rant. Even now as I comment on this blog I find myself reacting to what was written in the blog and find my self digging deep and touching base with my own feeling and how the author set into action a series of ideas within me.

This really was a wonderful blog that you wrote here and I thank you for setting into motion ideas and feeling that I hadn’t completely entertained in quite some time. As I reflect on what I have written in response to your blog I almost feel as if we have collaborated a symphony of ideas from which I’ll be able to revisit from time to time and draw not only creative energy, but also emotional inspiration for my day to day life.

17 07 2007

I will definetely draw inspiration from what you have so eloquently exposed for me with your comment. Thank you.

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