A Canvas

10 07 2007


A Canvas

Waiting for her delicate hands to
Embrace me
The memories of life
That surrounds her
Staring out onto an empty canvas
What do my eyes see?
For others to enjoy
From a beautiful mind
To the tip of a brush,
She struggles
To select shades of colors,
Soothing colors,
For our souls to have a good feeling
Embraced by the world around you
You select shades of colors that hold you
Like a lover standing beside you,
Looking into your eyes
You see the reflection of beauty he sees
Shinning up from the depths of your soul
A gentle breeze amongst wild flowers
Not sure which one to paint
To close, unable to see the beauty of others
Taking a chance you let go of the one you love
Seeing the whole picture
God shows you what to paint

Written by Art



5 responses

11 07 2007
Winslie Gomez

Hi Clary
Do you think in Spanish and write in english or are you versatile and comfortable with both?

Hope I am not being rude with that question?


12 07 2007

I speak and write both but I feel more comfortable writing in English because I’ve written in that language the most. However, the word’s order sometimes get transposed as Spanish is my native tongue.

Asumo que eres latina(o), esto toma mucha practica y dedicacion. Gracias por tu pregunta, ven y visita pronto.

13 07 2007
Winslie Gomez

Hola Clary,
Sorry for the delay.

Sorry to disappoint I am not a Spanish speaker but learning at the moment. I know it is a bit strange especially as my full name is Xavier Antonio Winslie Gomez. I hail from Scotland and am mixed race.

I managed to translate your sentence from the verbs.

You assume I am a Latino (had difficulty with the next bit: Are you saying YOU have had a lot of practice and dedication?) Thanked me for the enquiry and said come back soon?? Possibly, am I right or have I got this completely wrong. Please help me out.

I just love the sound of Spanish; it is like music to my ears. I desperately want to learn but up till now have not found the time to really get into the subject. Your lines have revived my desire to learn once again.

So a huge big thank you! And linked you to my site.

Hasta Pronto

16 07 2007

Well your translation is perfect! I’m glad I inspired you to learn a new language. See you around soon.

28 07 2007

Just wanted to stop by and say thank you “Clary”, Thank You for your friendship.

Nice blog you have going here continue writing, loving the lord and never stop to look over your shoulders into the shadows of the past. Continue looking forward. I’m with you in all your thoughts.

Love You!


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