Music as a Catalyst

22 05 2007

I’m not much of a poet but I love to read it and listen to good music lyrics. The music I pick to listen to depends on the mood I find myself in, I guess it is the same for everyone. The words, rythm and the tune work beautifully to stir up body, mind and soul. Like any good art worthy of appreciation it’s goal is to inspire.

Right now I’m not doing much writing since I’m revising but I realize that is very important to write and read on a daily basis. Blogging helps me to keep active in this aspect but I need to do much more than that.

I go into many different directions when it comes to my art. I enjoy music, photography, painting, nature, reading and dancing. They are all expressions that stimulates the senses. I wonder what inspire writers to write and excel. I’m constantly looking for ways to express that which many times it can’t be explained with words. For now I’ll let music move some of my words out onto the paper and who knows where that would take me.



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25 05 2007

Hey, I can relate to music inspiring in a variety of ways. Actually, your site inspired me to create another blog at wordpress AND I checked out LULU.
I was not aware of both sites benefits in comparison to some other places I have been.

Anyways, you inspired by accident me to get moving on a project. Its a baseball book that I’ve been slacking on. Some of the thoughts are displayed at my site (not the one just created.)

You are an excellent writer! Keep inspiring!

27 05 2007
I Blog, Therefore I Am « My Errant Mind

[…] Yes, there may yet be fog on the window, making it hard to see inside clearly. But we see enough to keep looking—because we can sense the moment of pending clarity might be just around the corner. […]

2 06 2007

jaypeefreely, I’m glad I inspired you to move on with your project. Please let me know how it goes.

2 06 2007

I disagree with your statement that all art is meant to inspire. In the sense that you could apply the term “inspire” to many things-the inspiration to act, the inspiration to think, the inspiration to be angry-it kind of works. However, it is my opinion that there are many artists who create art for themselves, to communicate emotion, to be provocative, even to be offensive. I got the impression that your definition of inspire would not include many of these types of art. Perhaps I am wrong.

In any case, I think that there are many forms of art which are usually not even considered to be art because of our society’s tendency to label the unfamiliar “not art.”

There are so many ideas behind the creation of art that to lump all art into the category of “inspiration” does a disservice to the many artists who have other intents or no intents at all. This is a complex issue to argue, but I think it deserves more consideration than we tend to give it.

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