Ways of Inspirations

10 05 2007


To be a writer calls one to be attentive to your surroundings, to people, to events, to feelings, to nature, to so many things. The world provides a wide variety of subjects which we can utilize to expand upon in order to get that which we feel on paper. As a writer I’m attentive to that and more. Photography inspire many other things in me, it helps me appreciate God’s creation and be refreshed at the same time. The colors, shapes, sounds… it all helps in creation and that’s what we writers do, we create something from basically nothing.

When I’m out in nature I like to be alone and in silence, there is something special about that setting that stirs my senses in emotions in ways I’m able to translate into words later on. Sometimes I use pictures to inspire a painting instead. It’s all art and even though I’m learning how to paint it is another activity I can enjoy in solitude if I want to.

I’m curious to know what inspire others to create new writings or paintings. Can you share some with me?



3 responses

15 05 2007

Very nice

2 06 2007

Thank you

9 06 2007

Check out my site, I have three topics that I enjoy writing about. Deafness, Travel, and Personal Wealth. The last part is not so much a writing thing but my travels and my deafness are a large part of my life so I enjoy writing about them. I just started recently two weeks ago but I have two writings about my journey to Alaska.


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