Amanecer – Sunrise

25 04 2007


A new phase in my life and it all began on a sunrise as I flew high above the clouds on an airplane headed to Puerto Rico. It was a time of fear of the unknown. I had no idea what awaited me as I landed on the island and my mind raced in a million different directions. It all came down to trust and faith that God would carry me through whatever came my way. I was called and with that call I knew there were graces attached, that’s how he works. He reminded me through my family and friends of the reality of his hand and protection over me as I stepped out in faith to answer his call on my life. I needed to stop looking at myself trying to gain control on my own and see me instead as a channel for his graces to work through me. It is hard not to want to have the control and direct my own steps. I know I need to be like the blind trusting in the guidance of another.

It has been six weeks since that day and we are now in my own territory. We’ve began to navigate the path which hopefully help us beat the challenges we are facing. It has taken a lot of hours of research and the implementation of health principles in order to get everything back in balance. I believe it’s time for an evaluation to see if anything has changed.

One of the hardest things to accept is that I don’t know how long all of these is going to take. I’m so used to layout plans and deadlines for projects to be completed and now I find myself living on a day to day basis with a lot of pending projects on hold. I feel uncomfortable, insecured and powerless in the situation. I need to be reminded that it is when I’m weak that I’m strong in Jesus who is the one who comes in and do whatever it is need to be done through me if I let him.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation in which you need to yield to God in order to go on? What struggles have you experienced as part of such experience?



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