27 02 2007

Reconcialition Box Photography by Clary Lopez

Lent marks for me the journey within, a deep reflection of who I am and who I would like to be. I fall short of so many great ideals and I must persevere in this life never losing hope to start fresh one more time.

At Immaculate Conception Church, Jacksonville, FL they still have a confessional, and reconciliation before Mass. I go in after examining my conscience determined to make my peace with God and I get out brand new. Not only that but I also receive special graces to help me do better the next time I face temptation.

I’m going through a lot these days and sometimes feel overwhelmed. When I feel I can’t take it no more I looked up to the crucifix, that’s love. Then I realise that what I’m going through is nothing compared to that sacrifice.

One thing I learn during this season is to keep my eyes off myself and on Jesus. I am not accustomed to that but by making a decision to sacrifice something during this time it helps me to get the most out of it. To get rid of bad habits, bad aptitudes, bad influences, selfishness, apathy, laziness and many other things that keeps me from being what God intended me to be.

As I begin this journey I hope, that like years before, it strenghtens me spiritually in order to complete my earthly mission.



2 responses

1 03 2007
John Gillespie

Nice confession Clary! I’m personally a fan of confessional writing—in my opinion a story is often the richer when the writer puts a little of themselves into it—and I enjoyed reading yours.

5 03 2007

I have read this writing of yours. It is so inspiring. I used it in my lesson when i teach religion to my university student. I am Jeremias, from Jakarta, Indonesia. My blog:

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