Dreams, where do they lead us?

26 02 2007

Dreams are part of our life and some people claim that they have a purpose and meaning and we should act upon them. When I have a dream I immediately think about it and try to relate it to anything that has happened to me or try to understand if it’s trying to send me a a message.

In the Bible we read about how St. Joseph receives messages from God by an angel in a dream and he acts upon them. I believe that God still communicates with us through dreams.

I have been preparing to part from one of my loved ones for months now, the agony was unbearable at times and the closer the moment got the worst I was getting. I prayed daily for strength and acceptance, but it wasn’t until I had a vivid dream with my late grandmother Julia that I felt calm. The heaviness of my heart disappeared and I began to pray “Your strength Lord, not mine.” My grandmother went through a similar experience and I know that she provided me with her strength. The were no words exchanged in my dream, just her face before me as real as in life, that’s all I needed.

Perhaps you have other experiences with dreams that would like to share here with me.

For now I’m thankful for the gift of dreams in order to somehow connect with whoever or whatever the Lord wants to communicate to me.



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