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6 02 2007


Today I wrote on my journal, my last entry dated November 13, 2006. I had the habit of writing almost daily until I discovered blogging and now it is very hard for me to grab a pen and start writing by hand all my thoughts and feelings. For some reason today I had the urge to see my words appear as I move the pen over the paper. Couple of nights ago I was reading the Oprah MagazineJanuary 2006, it had an excellent article about journaling titled: The Burning Question on page 122. It talks about the dilemma of many journal keepers who are faced with the decision to destroy their journals before they die or to leave them for their families.

To me this dilemma is one that I haven’t got to yet, I have many journals already written and for years I didn’t mind writing what was on my mind. Lately I’m getting to think more about what I write and I do it in a careful manner. Perhaps that is why I don’t do it as frequently, I’m not being totally open when I write and that’s hurts the quantity and I’m sure the quality of my writing. I’m afraid of my honest opinions, feelings and fears in life, not a healthy way to be. I need to open myself to who I am and what I want my life to look like. I realise that it will be something completely different to what I’m used to but that’s okay, that means that I’m alive and if I am change is always good. Changes means that I’m not stagnate, that I’m growing and developing according to the growth of my knowledge and my experiences in life. Those who fail to change start dying slowly, they become the living dead and I sure I don’t want to be that.

By journal writing I release the tensions in my daily life and most of all unburden it. I don’t know if you feel the same way but I like the idea that my family later on will be able to go through them and learn something from the way I lived my life. Even if I made mistakes, that they learn the consequences of doing so hoping they don’t judge me. Nobody is perfect, and the more we try the harder it gets. I believe in being the best you can be instead, to get up after every fall and be aware of the bumps on the road. It’s a journey and like a travel log I will have the route plotted and commented for others to travel in time with me.



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6 02 2007

So it’s here you’ve been hiding :). Yeah I can definitively relate to your situation. For me, it’s procrastination. I find it easy to write blogs, but when I want to write my books I can’t do it. I always find some excuse or something “better” to do.

I also need to open up more and get out of my comfort zone. I need to taste life a little, live it, instead of just existing. Yesterday I read something wonderful a fellow blogger had written. She wrote everything is such clarity, the imagery was unmistakable. I was right there in the scene, and I thought to myself: Why can’t I write like this? I asked a couple of friends, and I realized that I’m too clinical in my approach, not really feeling the moment. Going to have to work on that.

Journal writing is what I do these days, at least I get to write something.

7 02 2007

…Lo que importa es el hábito de escribir que hemos ido adquiriendo con el tiempo y la práctica. Nos ayuda a ordenar, clarificar o expresar sentimientos y situaciones de nuestra propia experiencia e, incluso, nos permite observarlas desde otro ángulo de vista, que siempre es enriquecedor. Para mí, que se trate o no de un diario no importa tanto; muchos de mis relatos y poemas incluyen vivencias personales, que me han sucedido en mayor o menor medida y, aunque tengan ese sentido autobiográfico, no impiden tampoco que otros lectores los lean y se sientan reflejados. De todas formas, sin duda alguna, se trata de un hermoso regalo para nuestros seres queridos…

8 02 2007

i think the greatest thing about a journal is the history you leave behind for your posterity. my mother died when i was eight, and her journals give me a glimpse into her life that i wouldn’t otherwise have. at 8, i wasn’t interested in her thoughts and feelings yet–i simply didn’t have that kind of maturity. but the problems, fears, and mistakes that get imprinted in a journal also show that we are human, just like the people who end up reading them after we’re gone. i think it’s more motivating to see our loved ones struggle through trials and survive than if we could only see the candy-coated, black-marker censored version of their life.

8 02 2007
Sean Wilson

Loved your post. I kept a diary faithfully for a long time, but it didn’t suit me. I tried journaling and found after a while, that neither did it. Blogging has been great, and more of what I was interested in doing.

However, I find it has sort of rekindled my desire to journal and to start thinking of memoir writing. There’s definitely something about the notion of leaving things for posterity that have one’s indelible stamp on them, especially when it comes to writing. There’s nothing quite like imagining the world as seen through someone’s eyes and set down in their own words long after they’re gone.

What really inspired me was an article by William Zinsser that I came across:

9 02 2007

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, I guess this is a lost art but one worth reconsidering.

Sean, thank you for that link, I need to make time to read it this weekend.

10 02 2007

WOW! You are so prolific! I think it’s contagious! I wish I had the time to read all of your blogs, you write very well.

I’m in the Spanglish stage, as you can see. Empiezo en inglés, cambio a español, vuelvo al inglés y se me hace ensalada! Jajaja! Si bien aprendí inglés como “lengua extranjera” ya que nunca VIVI en el exterior, ni viajé a países de habla inglesa, gracias a Dios desde los 20 años más o menos tengo contacto más o menos regular con gente de Estados Unidos, Inglaterra, algunos de Canadá y Australia. Es muy interesante dar clases de español.

I’d like to write a book one day about my experience as a teacher, and other stuff. Just yesterday, I thought it would be interesting to do research in order to write a book about the Malvinas/Falklands war. I know, tough topic, right? But I like tough bones to eat, LOL.

I really hope we can help each other out. I now think more like a budding writer, although I only write blogs for now. That’s a start isnt it? And I write of longish emails and comments in other people’s blogs, LOL!

10 02 2007

I’ve kept a journal for as long as I can remember; starting with a pretty pink diary with lock and key. When my son was born I suddenly realized that my entire life was documented on the pages of those pretty, cloth covered or leather-bound books.

I panicked, built a big roaring fire in our fire pit and had a ritual burning of all the books that contained things I never wanted him to know about his mama! I freaked out about it at first, watching the words on the pages disappear and go up in smoke, but then I felt such a sense of relief, realizing that the only thing I was destroying was words on paper.

The memories were still mine; still locked away in the filing cabinet of my mind, ready to be extracted whenever I chose to go back there. The difference was that now they were mine alone and could in no way influence my child.

While journaling is most definitely a spiritual and emotional experience, we really do need to take care with our deepest most secret thoughts and feelings, and think about the consequences if they should fall into the wrong hands.

Jill Terry
Wordsmith Blog

10 02 2007

Cari, gracias por tu compliment, aqui vamos con el spanglish, lol. Tuve la fortuna de ser educada en Puerto Rico en el cual el ingles es muy importante. Desde los grados primarios nos daban clases de ingles, asi que todo lo que tuve que hacer cuando me mude a Estados Unidos fue ponerlo en practica. Todavia sigo aprendiendo a medida de que leo y escribo mas, creo que es un proceso interminable pero uno que disfruto.

Blogging es un buen comienzo para ver si logras atraer una audiencia, y por supuesto que nos podemos ayudar. Comunicate conmigo.

10 02 2007

Jill, you have guts! I would never be able to burn my writing. I also wrote many diaries which I lost in one of my moves, I regret losing them. My teenage years were there with all my struggles and experiences.

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