Unknown Talents

22 01 2007

Isn’t it amazing how we go through life not knowing if we have a talent just because we don’t even try. Fear of failure is one of the most common traits for people today. I’ve tried many things in my life but lately I didn’t because I just didn’t make time for them.

But wait a minute, I wrote the book Simplicity – Richness of Life and in it I talked about how I simplified my life in order to do the things that really mattered in my life. In that same book I wrote: “Understanding your purpose then guarding it will be your constant challenge. Each day, you must continue to adjust your ways, evaluate your needs and do away with what’s unnecessary in your life.” Well, I guess it is time to do some adjustments one more time.

Couple of months ago I made a decision which I was thinking about for about a year, taking painting lessons. I’ve never painted in my life, and I don’t remember ever drawing that much either but my neighbor is a painter and she gathers some of her friends three times a week in her garage and give them lessons. More than the painting I think I was drawn to the commadery that they exchanged while having their lessons. I could hear them talk and laugh together for a while, I was going in and out of my house busy while homeschooling my kids.

One day I saw this lady putting the finishing touches in a huge canvas, it was a beautiful magnolia tree flower. I loved it! And that’s when I stopped in my car as I was driving out of my house and told her that I would start the lessons as soon as I got my paints and brushes.

bird painting

I’m not saying that I’m a painter, I just took one lesson before the Christmas break and I’m anxious to begin again in February, but I’m proud of the fact that I took a chance and that I’ve been drawing and painting during my vacation. I also dared to show it off here on this blog and to some of my friends. There is much room for improvement but I’m enjoying every minute of it and it’s helping my creativity.



One response

2 02 2007

Enjoyed your vision and insight. Looking forward to seeing some of the paintings. Creativity rulz! Much respect.

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