Processing Changes

9 12 2006

After much thought and analysis of the situation with the website I decided to split the site.  Since the big taffic comes from authors it will become the power source of information, resources and tools for authors looking to learn to promote their books.  I think that will provide me the freedom to include more things in this site without distracting the focus of it, I like that.   

A whole new site is in the process and two others will provide premium services in the next 6 months or so.  There is so much to do and ways to promote that I would like to provide choices for all the Guerrilla Marketers’ Cafe members in order to help them move along quicker from book  pre-publication to readers. 

I won’t provide much details here about he new site until we get closer to the grand opening, all I can say is that is going to be great and a place were readers would love to visit frequently.  In the meantime we have added about twenty new authors to our site and their books, so if you are looking for some really good books make sure you check our bookshelves



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