Analyzing Websites

25 11 2006

Learning how websites work and how to best reach your target audience takes time and research. I believe I’ve managed to attract my initial target audience, authors, to Guerrilla Marketers’ Cafe but the integration of readers to the site hasn’t been that effective. It’s either a matter of restructuring the site to meet the needs or splitting the site in two entities to achieve the goal.

Redesigning will have to take place with CSS ,which I’m not familiar with, in order to simplify the site navigation since it has too many things going on. Trimming down on the site’s navigation will help the visitor finds its way around the site and what it has to offer.

My goal is to be able to expose all the books properly and providing a site for readers to not only view the books but to review them and find out about book signings and author special promotions. The Featured Author interview would go on that site as well. By having a site dedicated just to readers will free Guerrilla Marketers’ Cafe to authors looking to learn in detail how to market their books. I could set up some kind of Content Management system on it to provide even more than we already do.

The next two months will be crucial in this analysis and transition in order to offer the level of quality service I want to offer authors as well as readers. If you get a chance to visit the site let me know your thoughts about it and what you believe would be the best thing to do. The ideal situation would be to find a student website designer willing to take on the redesign as a project.



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