Spreading Too Thin?

20 07 2006

It has been an unusual busy week, perhaps because I got behind on my daily work as I attended company over the weekend.  I finally can breathe now, I met my deadline and now it’s just a matter of getting back to blogging. 

I have a few blogs and each one has a slightly different theme, it suits me well since I have so many interests and can be in a different frame of mind depending on what’s going on.  But I was told not to spread myself too thin, then I won’t be good in anything.   I see other blogger doing the same and as a writer it helps me  in ways I can’t even mention.  The only thing that is suffering right now is the revision of my book, which I hope to have ready for the editor in August or September. 

I concentrate on nonfiction for now but the interest of topics range from inspirational, memoir and travel writing.  Is it right to go in so many directions? I’m a newly published author so I’m not sure which will be the best one for me yet, I guess time will tell.  I just wonder if there are any other authors who do this or if sticking to one genre is the norm. 

I’ll continue to explore for now and hope to grow as a writer as the time goes by.   



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