Research Project

9 07 2006


A long discussion about using MySpace as advertising has been part of Guerrilla Marketers @ Lulu Forum since April.  Jumping onboard last week was Adam Schultz from Search Engine Lowdown.    Adam has been analyzing how to use         as a tool for marketing for a while after he saw the potential with the success of the X-Man movie release who created a         for its promotion. But what caught my attention was his entry on another author, Niambi, who has successfully created  hers        and attracted over a thousand people to it. I would love to have her come here and share some of her experience with the site.   

Since we deal with authors in our site we are exploring the possibilities to use this medium to create awareness for our books and connect to our readers.  I just found out today about a new area in MySpace Books. 

We have one author, Alan Baxter, who is using the medium to network with people who enjoy Dark Fantasy Fiction and getting some friends already reading his book and commenting on his space. He also uses it to drive people to his regularly updated blog. 

The jury is out, the market potential is there, I guess it will be a matter of learning how to make it work and hopefully we’ll find a way right here.  If we put our heads together and share our experiences I’m sure we’ll get somewhere. 

So here is the deal for this research; for those authors who have a         and would like to participate of this research I’ll welcome your ideas and experiences.  Anything at all that you can think of, we’ll look into it and see if we can put it to the test and share the results here. Make an entry on your blog and email me the link post to share here at Inside the Mind of a Guerrilla Marketer.  We’ll be storming some ideas and sharing experiences until the end of the month.

Note: This message was originally posted on our Guerrilla Insight for Authors.  See Comments on this entry.



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