On becoming an Author

6 07 2006

Perhaps it happen to you too, that you fell in love with the written word and before you knew it you wrote your own book.  To me it was that accidental, I’ve been writing all my life, especially when I was a teenager.  In grade school my handwriting workbook was my favorite and I took great pride to make my writing beautiful.  My teacher got my attention more than once for going way ahead in my assignments. 

When my teens hit I needed to unload all my feelings, my mom encouraged me to write it down and I bought beautiful stationary of beach scenes, little kids and couples as background and glued them to the pages of my composition notebook.  On those coloful papers I wrote a lot of stuff, I think my mom still has them and others were lost in one of our moves. 

Journaling has been part of my life and always will be.  Now I write for spiritual insight, about books I’ve read, about the books I’m writing, morning pages to warm up, bible studies, meditation, about being a mom, and on and on and on.  Blogging has taking a big chunk of my writing time as well while I communicate with friends, family, authors and business partners. 

My reflection on life while raising my young family became my first book and hopefully my next one will be part of my life.  Right now life is so busy and while I promote my book, Simplicity – Richness of Life,  and others  that I find so little time to  finish the book I’ve working on for over a year.   But there is a lot more than writing that needs to be done.  There is a whole marketing plan that needs to be developed and unlike my first book, this one will be released after every little detail is in place.

So being an author has been a journey, one that I’ll forever enjoy as it takes its turns and I experiment with new ways to communicate what’s inside of me.  I have many interests, so I know I’ll write more than inspirational nonfiction  but whatever it is will be part of who I am and what I believe needs to be transmitted to the world and make it better.  At least I’ll try…



One response

23 12 2007


You are an author that I admire, almost giving up trying again at writing I never thought I would be writing poetry. Because of what you have down for me you have nourished by soul in away that has brought the birth of wanting to continue writing.

This will be a new journey from this time forward for me….I want to one day help someone like you have helped me.

Thank You!

Arthur Henn

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