26 09 2013

Minutes,  hours and days go by… It is all uncertainty. It is a long time wondering the best way to play this game we call life. Perhaps the calm hasn’t reach the soul and I failed to meditate like I used to. Guided always by intuition but sometimes going with emotions. Fleeting moments that perhaps might be memorable and embracing others that causes only pain…

Dream of been wrapped with an armor to shield my heart and soul but the pain sometimes is the only thing that lets me know I am alive, present, with an open heart. One day it will be appreciated, treasured, cherished… I long for that day. I breathe in and out and clear my mind, control my emotions. I look to the horizon hoping to see the sail of the boat that will take me to shores unknown, to happiness not revealed… One day I will see the eyes that slowly reach deep within my being, searching to be that fire that will consume all my fears and wrapped me in unmeasured love and affection feeding all my senses…

How I wish it would be you, because it is all I see and want in this moment… How I wish you can feel this overwhelming sense of want and desire, pure and calming at the same time you look into my eyes… It seems like a dream and at other times a fantasy of a wannabe world in which I stop bleeding. I know that day will come and someone will wrap me into his world, into his dreams, into his fantasies to make it all come true… 



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26 09 2013

Powerful emotions!

28 09 2013


4 10 2013
Phil Isaacson

Powerful stuff. Clary hope you’re doing great.

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